Baby Dedication Planning…

How do you go about planning a baby dedication event? For some reason, I think I don’t have any idea how to go about getting this one started. Sure, I have assisted in wedding planning for the past several years (runner for my cousin’s wedding, part-time planner/coordinator for my parents’ renewal of vows, damage controller/organizer/coordinator/emcee for another friend’s wedding, assisted in the wedding planning of my bestfriend’s wedding…) but a baby dedication/christening event? I don’t think I’ve done this before. Nu-uh. Nope.

So, given that my baby dedication is not your usual christening for Catholics or Anglicans (I’m neither one of those, by the way), I have more flexibility in the location and the time of the event. I want it done around lunch time to give time for people who wants to go elsewhere in the late afternoon.

I already have a tentative date and the next dilemma I have is the place. I am currently sourcing out places in the mountain city that can accommodate at least 50 to 100 guests. Well, I have a large family. 🙂 I already got a few suggestions (thanks to FB friends and relatives) and that is something that I have to try and check over the weekend when I go home. Once I have a place, I can start with finalizing the budget. Don’t get me wrong. I already have a working budget in mind but of course, I have to try to work on a better deal just in case I won’t be able to reach my target budget. 😛

I still have to talk to a relative of mine to officiate the ceremony. I would have to check his schedule as well. If in case he won’t be available, then I think I need to set a back up plan.

Cake or cupcake? Hmmm… I am still thinking. I don’t think I am going for a themed cake for this event. I’ll reserve that for the birthday parties instead. So I guess I am going to go with the traditional cake for now. But I am thinking of getting cupcakes as well. I am thinking cupcakes. I want those cupcakes with baby designs. LOL! I don’t know if I can find a supplier in Baguio for that, though. I’ll have to check.

Tokens. This is something that I need to think about. One for the godparents and another one for the guests. I need to source this one out here in Manila, that’s for sure. I need ideas for this one. For some reason, I am running out of ideas.

Well, for photo and video services, I am getting my brother so that should be covered. Which reminds me, I would have to talk to him to set the date. I am thinking of setting up a photobooth but for now, I’ll set that as an add-on for now.

Caterer. Well, I am tying that up with the place. So I think that’s covered.

Did I forget anything? Hmmm… I have to make my spreadsheet for this now. I barely have two months to prepare for my baby’s first big event. 🙂


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