One year ago… When it started to sink in…

This week last year, during my 10th week of pregnancy, I had another ultrasound following my monthly pre-natal check up. The few previous consultations I’ve had with my OB, the reality that I was pregnant has not really sank in yet.

Everything was surreal until I saw my baby for the first time, moving his arms around.

This was the second time that I had my ultrasound done. And it was the first time that I saw a baby for real. It was an emotional moment, to be honest. I remember having mixed emotions – joy, fear, doubts, and all others that I couldn’t really name.

It was an eye-opening moment. The reality sank in. I am going to be a Mom. I am going to have a baby. The feeling was like having the most wonderful dream and the worst nightmare rolled into one.

I think it is every single Moms-to-be dilemma. Don’t get me wrong. Regardless of the fear I’ve had, I fell in love with my baby during this time.

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