Saturday’s Excursion: Divisoria Shopping

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My best friend, RB, and I went Divisoria shopping yesterday morning. With only a couple hours of sleep, I dragged myself up for a quick shower before meeting her across the street before 9 AM.

Since we have planned tasks to do separately, we took a Grab car on our way to Lucky Chinatown in Binondo. It was actually my first time to go to Divisoria via that route. Truth to be told, in all of my 12+ years of living in the big metro, I’ve only been to Divisoria for about 10 times or less. No kidding!

Anyway, I was fascinated with the paper lanterns overhead. I knew I just had to take a photo of it.

Divisoria Shopping - Lucky Chinatown
Paper lanterns and a giant red tree at Lucky Chinatown

I wanted to take photos as we go through our quick trip but I found out early on that it is hard to do. I had to be alert and aware of where I am going. And given the fact that we both don’t know the ins and outs of the place, we had to be conscious of where we are going. So there.

We only spent about two hours roaming around, finding things that we needed to buy. Let me share what I bought this time’s Divisoria shopping trip.

I got the little boy a couple of things:

Divisoria shopping - handtowels
Hand towels: Php10 each, I got 5
Divisoria shopping - sando
Sleeveless cotton shirts: Php45 each, I got 3

I bought something for the house, too – door mats. These are being sold for about Php50 or so at the grocery so having 4 for Php100 was already a steal.

divisoria shopping - doormats
Door mats: 4 pieces for Php100

This was the item on the top of my list – fabrics! I’ve previously blogged about my first sewing project and given the success of that (well, for me anyway), I planned on sewing a few more things.

This was the first one that I got. I’m not sure what kind of fabric this is but it is thick enough for a little girl’s jumper dress.

divisoria shopping - violet
1.75 yards for Php60

I found a batch of cotton fabrics but most of the designs they had were floral. I’m not much of a fan of floral designs. But I saw this and I liked the colors. Not sure yet what to make out of this. Probably pillow cases. LOL!

divisoria shopping - cotton
2 yards at Php30/yard = Php60

This one is the greatest steal. Again, I’m not sure what kind of fabric this is but the texture is great for bed sheets. Yep, you got that right! LOL! There was only almost 11 yards left of this kind and the seller wanted me to buy it all. He was giving it to me for Php330 only. I only got 3 yards but he gave a bit more than half extra. All for Php100!

Now, that I think about it, I should have just bought the whole thing!

divisoria shopping - gray
More than 3.5 yards at Php35/yard at 96 inches width. Only paid Php100

My cousin is already planning my niece’s second birthday and she was looking for party supplies as well. She already got most of the things she needed except for the balloons. So balloon hunting we went.

She was looking for 33 inches silver mother balloons, 50 pieces 12 inches balloons and 5 inches balloons.

I got her 3 silver mother balloons for Php35 apiece, 50 pieces 12-inch balloons (25 pieces each color) for Php60 per pack of 25, and 200 pieces 6-inch balloons (100 pieces each color) for Php90 per pack of 100.

She was happy with the purchase! Whoopee!

divisoria shopping - balloons
30inches mother balloons, 12 inches and 6 inches balloons. All for Php405

Total spent: Php910. Not bad, especially since I didn’t even try to haggle.

Ber months are indeed already here. Christmas decorations are being sold left and right. I had to hold myself back from buying Christmas decorations because it was not in my priority list. Too bad, though, as there were a lot of good deals.

We may have wanted to roam around a bit more but by 11AM, there was already a huge crowd in Divisoria and it was getting harder to walk through the alleys.

Since the next coming months are some of the busiest months in Divisoria, I think my next trip there would be sometime next year. I sure will have a longer list of things to buy by then.

When was your last Divisoria shopping trip and what were your best hauls?

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