…Please Hold…

I miss this blog. I haven’t been blogging for quite a while now because of all the millions of things I have to do. Whenever I get to find a time to sit down and start writing, I see something that needs to be done immediately. So the blog takes the backseat again.

My list of pending posts is growing longer and as much as I want to publish it all, the functioning braincells left after a long day clamors for sleep.

I’m already feeling it. I’m burned out. I need a vacation. I need rest. I need a new environment. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

I’ve been losing sleep for the past couple of months and, unless I do something about it, I am feeling it taking its toll on me now.

Wearing so many hats is very exhausting. If only I can give up one or two of those hats… but it’s not possible. I just need to figure out a way how to manage all of them efficiently.

Okay, just dropping by. I hope my readers out there will hold for a few more days or weeks. I will definitely be back on here with a lot of stories to share. I just don’t want to rant here and leave negative vibes. So as Scarlett O’hara said, “…tomorrow is another day!”

We can do this, eh! Whooozzzaaaah! Okay, I’m off to sleep… I hope…

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  1. Yep, we can do this! Someday! LOL I hardly blog these days too. Without a nanny, I am drowning in housework that it’s hard to squeeze blogging into the picture! Ugh.

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