12 Days For The Year That Was – September 2015

It’s starting to get light outside and here I am, once again, just got into bed preparing to get a few hours’ sleep. I just finished baking the last batch of goodies for delivery later today. Last batch of orders to fulfill.

Thinking back about September of this year, it was when I bought my oven. Yes, I bought my very own 30L convection oven and a stand mixer to match. 😀 After a year of contemplation, deliberation and trying to find the best oven that I can afford, I was able to get the 3D convection oven. I don’t know where I dumped the photo of it but I will update this post once I find it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am no baker, hence I call myself the #bakerwannabe. It was just a past time for me. Something that I wanted to try doing and see if I can do it. Apparently, people like what I make. My office mates already wanted to order when I was not yet prepared to take orders. LOL!

Also, last September, Z was again confined. I had to take an emergency leave because he was vomiting anything he takes in. His cold was really bad and he had a hard time breathing. I went home as soon as I can and when I reached home, a few hours’ later, we were on our way to the hospital. Apparently, it was, again, pneumonia. He used to be confined in a public hospital because he already has a record there and the nurses there are very competent.

However, I didn’t want to risk getting him confined in a ward. It was a good thing that Z’s pedia is accredited by my HMO so I had him admitted in one of the private hospitals. I didn’t pay anything except for his medicines. That was such a relief. After a week’s stay at the hospital, well 6 days to be exact, Z was released and sent home. He was doing much better than when I went home the weekend before but he had about 5 different medicines to take. I am just hoping that he wouldn’t get sick again.

Let me segue for a bit here. One thing I realized when I became a Mom is this: when I was still single without a kid, I feel compassion for those babies and kids who get sick and ends up staying in a hospital. You think to yourself, aww poor kid. But once you become a Mom and you see your kid lying in a hospital bed, you feel pain. It is painful for a parent to see their kids getting sick. And you always get the thought that if only you can take it away, you will.

But at the end of the day, you have to surrender yourself to the knowledge that your kid is in good hands and that the doctors will take care of him. And all you can do is to ask God to watch over those doctors to make sure that they will be able to make your kid feel better.

Anyway, for the month of September, I am grateful for the gift of health. While my son may get sick every now and then which, more often than not, lands him in a hospital, I am still grateful that he bounces back a whole lot better and stronger than before. My son is indeed a warrior and he is out to be victorious every single time. I really believe that.

I am also humbled by the fact that there are people who believe that I am good at something – like baking. I am grateful for those people who appreciates the effort and the time it took to bake some goodies. And those people are the same ones who pushed me to turn it into a business. Up to this date, I think I have already made more or less 50 packs of cookies and about 15 boxes of brownies. Thank you, really. 🙂


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