12 Days For The Year That Was – October 2015

I go home to my baby love today. Whoopee! I thought my ticket was at 12PM, I just checked and noticed that I got a 2PM regular trip. Oh yikes! All my bags are packed, gifts carefully wrapped and packed as well. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything though. I just finished tidying my house as well since it will be empty for more than a week. I am planning to go to the terminal in about a couple of hours or less to try to get an earlier trip. I hope I will be able to chance a seat at the next deluxe trip which is at 9AM. Hopefully, too, there wouldn’t be that much crowd at the terminal.

So, October. *sings* Yeah, this is my October,  Shadow me accordingly… Haha!

One of the highlights of my October was Blogapalooza. Which reminds me, I haven’t blogged about it yet. Yeesh! I’ll make time to blog about it one of these days. I got to meet with some of the Mommy Bloggers as well and I was actually surprised that, given how seldom I’d been posting and commenting in the group, someone still remembered me. 🙂

Majority of my time after work was spent cleaning and preparing my apartment for my son’s one-month stay the following month. I had to make sure that things that he shouldn’t have access to are properly stowed away and I also had to ensure that he had supplies ready once he got here.

At work, two of my team mates had their contracts ended. One completely resigned instead of renewing the contract due to a better offer in a different company. The other one was absorbed in the other team. So there’s just the two of us within the team again, handling all world areas. Challenging, actually, but challenge was accepted. We still need one more head count though.

My take away for the month of October was all about friendships. I am thankful to have met mommy bloggers who keeps in touch one way or another. I really feel the camaraderie and genuine excitement when we see each other, even if it is just about once a year and in an event at that. I hope to meet a lot more of the bloggers and hope to befriend them in the future as well. That would mean that I need to participate in a few more events to be able to mingle with them more. 🙂

That’s it for now. I am getting excited to get home. I haven’t had sleep yet but that’s fine. I’ll just sleep on the bus. Crossing my fingers that I will be able to chance a deluxe ride. Hee Hee! Mountain city, I will see you later today. 😀

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