When Little Z Discovered The Backyardigans…

My little boy recently discovered The Backyardigans. 🙂

My baby was exposed to music eversince in utero. I used to listen to music when I was pregnant and I sing to him at times as well (yeah, yeah, I know. I am not a good singer, but hey, sometimes, you just got to sing). And I used to sing to him when I was alone in the house. During my last few weeks of pregnancy, I used to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole. And as studies say, once the baby is born, they recognize the music they listened to in utero.

Little Z recognized this song. I used to play the song every morning when we wake up during his first few weeks. And I would watch his reaction every time I play the song. Everytime he hears the song, he would keep still and listen intently. He would move his head to the direction of the sound. Ever since, we have been exposing him to music. From reggae (he loves Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, LOL!) to slow rock to acoustics.

During his confinement for surgery last December, I started letting him listen to Elmo’s World songs. The songs were funny but annoying. Yet it fascinated little Z so much. He smiles and kicks to the beat.

After several weeks of not letting him listen to Elmo’s World songs, I tried to let him watch Elmo’s World in YouTube. It was surprising because we never got a reaction from him. And then I remembered The Backyardigans. So I searched YouTube for The Backyardigans songs. Oh boy, the little boy loved it. Instead of me describing his reactions, better check out these videos. Watching my little boy get so excited was really fun. Enjoy! 🙂

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