Shopping for the little boy…

It’s Saturday morning already in this side of the world. Another week has passed, though I am not sure if I was really productive at work. Oh well.

I already told you about last weekend’s cravings. Well, my cravings, that is. Given that SM is on a mega-sale this weekend, I might just as well post about my shopping spree for little Z.

Last weekend, when I went home to Baguio (which I refer to as mountain city in previous posts), I picked up Z at church as my Mom brought him with her that morning. Before I went to pick him up, my Mom texted me to bring Z’s denim pants and shoes. My Mom said that she was not able to properly dress my son because they were already running late. LOL! I was thinking what Z would be wearing and I hoped that it wasn’t one of his pajamas. 😀

I got to the church almost half past 11 AM. I saw Z and he was wearing his black rockstar onesie (which actually surprised me because I thought that it didn’t fit him anymore. Lo and behold, it did albeit a bit fitted for him), green jogging pants, yellow and green striped socks and his brown hoodie jacket. LOL! I forgot to take a photo of him though.

After a few minutes of hugging him and smothering him with kisses, I changed his diaper, pants and socks. However, I was not able to find his shoes! Both shoes as a matter of fact. I only found his blue sandals so it was what I brought. Given that it was warm that day, I would say it was OK. 😀

For some reason, it really didn’t sit well with me that he wasn’t wearing shoes (although I really don’t know what the big deal was given that he’s just a baby anyway and would look cute in anything) so I bought him a pair of whites. 😀 And then I thought, it is just right anyway to get him another pair since his blue shoes is already an exact fit.

sporting his new whites
sporting his new whites
somebody wants to eat his new shoes! :D
somebody wants to eat his new shoes! 😀

We roamed around Toy Kingdom that same afternoon as well and saw storybooks for only Php 99.75 each. I didn’t really have the budget for it but I really want books for little Z as early as now. So I got him a couple:

bedtime story books for the little boy
bedtime story books for the little boy

I’ll be checking Toy Kingdom here in the big metro tomorrow when I go back to run some errands. Hopefully they have the other two that I was not able to buy. We read one story last Saturday night and two stories on Sunday night before I left home. It was actually fun watching him because as you read to him, he really listens attentively.

So that was over the weekend. I have been waiting for the big sale of the mall this year. And I have set aside budget for it, too. I was already thinking of getting a few things for Z and also to add stuff to his stockpile. I didn’t take photos of the things I bought  because I was too excited to wash the clothes and to keep the others haha!

Here’s what I got him though:

  • Comforter. Not the set with pillows and all. My son doesn’t know how to use pillows anyway. I was planning to get him one before I gave birth before but I never really had the time to go shopping for one. So now, I got him one since the comforter given to him, albeit green in color, the design is Minnie Mouse. LOL!
  • Diaper bundle. My little Z is still using medium sized diapers (since the medium one can be used up until 10kg) but I got him a 2-pack bundle of large size this time. He’s already got 2-packs waiting so I only got one bundle. I also got a small pack of large sized diaper pants. Just wanted to try and see if it will be practical for him. I also got him another bundle of baby wipes.
  • Laundry powder. My son’s clothes are washed with detergent made for baby clothes. He is currently using Cycles (and my Mom just bought 1kg box of it) but I saw a promo pack of Baby Clean powder detergent. I got one pack that consists of 2 1-kg box of detergent. At least that would last probably up until near the end of this year. 🙂
  • Bottle Teats. It is about time to change his bottle teats since they have been well used already.
  • Microfiber face towels. I think this was not on sale but I got him 2 bundles of 3-pc face towels. Given that Z sweats easily, he is going to need that to absorb the sweat from his back.
  • Baby Clean bottle cleaner. Yep, I don’t use the usual dishwashing liquid in washing Z’s bottles and feeding bowls. I got a bundle of 3-pack refill. That could last for the next 3-4 months probably.
  • Clothes. I got him a 3-pc bundle of sleeveless shirts since it is more comfortable for him in this hot weather. It was on sale. 🙂 I also got him an orange checkered shorts. Sorry, I just couldn’t help it. Haha! I was supposed to get him a jumper since Garfield was on sale and they have jumpers at discounted price. The thing was, their biggest size was 6-9mos. Yes, Z might just be 8 months but his clothes are already for a 1-year old. That’s how big he got. 😀 I also got him another shirt. It is cute! Can’t wait for Z to wear it. (I’ll post the photo once he wears it).
  • Toy. I just couldn’t resist getting him an educational toy from Fisher Price. The brand may be pricey but I know that it is worth it. This is my favorite purchase yet:
Z's new toy
Z’s new toy

Am I done shopping for my little boy? I don’t think so. Although the next purchase would have to be in a couple of weeks or probably next month. I am still thinking if I need to get 2 more cans of formula since I just got him a couple cans a few days ago.

So there. And yes, I went overboard with my budget. But then again, I am happy with what I purchased for my little boy. He needs it. 🙂

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