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As of this writing, my son is still awake, playing on the bed beside me. (And it is already 11:33 PM this side of the world). After a whole day travel, you’d have thought this kid is already tired and sleeping at this time. Looks like it doesn’t work that way. Not yet anyway.

Update: 30 minutes after writing the above, the little boy finally succumbed to blessed sleep. Now I can finish this post by typing with all fingers on both hands. LOL!

So here goes:

Yesterday, well, Saturday afternoon, we met with a new friend. I stumbled upon her blog when I was searching for a support group within the Philippines for Down Syndrome. You see, my little angel has Trisomy 21. This is most commonly known as Down Syndrome. Well, search Google and it should give you a lot of information about it as I am not ready to give a detailed discussion about this condition.

Going back, so, the day before I got the results, I was already looking for support groups within the country just as the ones in the other countries. I found Down Syndrome Association of the Phils, Inc (DSAPI) through I read about the author’s blog post regarding her second son’s case. During the time that I read it, I kind of lost confidence that the results will turn negative. I remember leaving a comment in the blog post but never really expected a response.

A few days after I got the confirmation, I found a comment in my rant post and I was actually surprised to hear from the blog author. From that time on, we exchanged a few emails to schedule play dates for the kids (though we’ve had schedule conflicts for the past few weeks) and to get to know and connect with other families who are going through the same situation as I do, well, as we do. Since we weren’t able to schedule the play dates, we met up instead for an afternoon coffee. We shared some of the things that we’ve been through.

The time was too short for all of the stories that we have to share and experiences to compare but it was a good start. At least I can say that there is a window of opportunity that opened up to meet other people and to gain new friends, allies, support and just to have someone understand how it feels like to be in this kind of situation.

Regarding my little  Z’s DS case,I’ll write a separate post about that in a more detailed manner next time. For now, meet our new friends:'s author, Neva Santos’s author, Neva Santos
Meet Noah, Z's sleeping buddy :D
Meet Noah, Z’s sleeping buddy 😀

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