A Post-Valentine Birthday Dinner at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Cafe By The Ruins is a nice place to celebrate events or to just spend time with family, friends or your special someone. I haven’t been to Cafe By The Ruins for a long time. The last time I remember would probably be when I took my Mom and Aunt for coffee when I was about 5 months pregnant. And that was to make it officially known to relatives that I was pregnant. LOL! That was a long time ago.

This was also my first time to go to Dua. And while the new place doesn’t have the same ambience as the original one, it definitely has its own charm but the same warm, welcoming feeling. 

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The Birthday Weekend

Before I got pregnant, I used to celebrate my birthday partying with friends. We would be drinking until the wee hours in the morning and nurse a hangover the next day. Chill during day time, then back to partying the next night. Nowadays, I celebrate birthdays in a totally different way. I guess I am really getting older now. 

So I turned another year older. I don’t feel any different. I am still the stressed out momma in need of a very long vacation. Haha! 

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V-Day Bday Family Day

Valentine’s Day is my Mom’s birthday. Instead of just having lunch somewhere, the family decided to have a picnic at Botanical Garden. We ordered take out food and spent a couple of hours in the park, while occasionally watching tourists go about the area. After lunch, my aunt and cousin went ahead while the rest of the family walked the short distance to Volante to have coffee. After coffee, we played tourist by walking through Wright Park then climbing the stairs going the The Mansion. I didn’t take photos but my sister and my brother did (and I still have to […]

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Z Turns 2: Happy Birthday!

2nd birthday

It’s been a week and a few days since we celebrated Z’s birthday. And it is just now that I am finding the time to blog about it. (Yeah, blame the uber busy schedule and a scattered brain lately). So let me share how the party went. A few months ago (I think it was mid-June) when I started thinking about what to do for Z’s birthday. I was torn between throwing a party or just going somewhere to play. It was the middle of July and I have yet to make a decision. But I already made inquiries online […]

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A Chapter Closes, A New One Begins…

Today is my birthday. Well, technically, in my side of the world, it was yesterday. I just gained another year in life. Do I feel any different? No, I don’t think so. 😀 I am just so happy that I get to spend my special day with my little Z. I woke up to see him smiling, I got a hug and several kisses (and bites) from him as well. LOL! To me, that was the best gift that I could receive. I wouldn’t trade that for anything else. I also spent the morning playing with him before we took […]

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It Comes Once a Year…

today’s the big day that comes once a year it’s your birthday, the day is here your party’s gonna be greater than great it’s your birthday, let’s celebrate! light the candles, make a wish your cake and ice cream are so delicious open your presents, and play games too it’s your birthday, we’re celebrating you! have a special once a year day a magic give a cheer day a day all your wishes come true happy Disney junior birthday to you! Hahaha! This song was stuck in my head the whole day. I guess I have been watching too much Disney Junior […]

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