Of Nap Times and Bedtimes

nap times and bedtimes

Nap times and bedtimes are one of the few moments that Z and I spend together that I really love. I only get to put him to bed at night on the weekends and when I have to stay home during the week. So I make it up during nap times before I leave for work.

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Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016: A Few Takeaways from Keynote Speakers

I have always been fascinated by┬áthe concept of homeschooling since I was a kid. Some of the kids in church that I played with were homeschoolers and the idea of staying at home and receiving education was considered awesome for someone who had gone to a traditional school. As I grew older, I have seen and learned more about homeschooling that had not only fascinated me but made me want to homeschool my kids in the future. So when I learned that there was a homeschool conference happening, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. So, on October 22, I woke […]

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