Of Nap Times and Bedtimes

nap times and bedtimes

Nap times and bedtimes are one of the few moments that Z and I spend together that I really love. I only get to put him to bed at night on the weekends and when I have to stay home during the week. So I make it up during nap times before I leave for work.

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The Mommy Wars…

Breastfeeding vs. Formula feeding Cloth diaper vs. Disposable diaper Stay-at-home Mom vs. Working Mom Co-sleeping vs. Crib And the list goes on and on and on and on… Before I got pregnant, I was oblivious to this war going on in the Mommy world. When I got pregnant, I got a glimpse of the options out there. What I didn’t realize was that, those options are creating a huge gap among mothers to the point that one is being bullied because of the choices she made. Let’s run through the four I have identified above and I will try to […]

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Being a Weekend Mom

Another long day over. And I mean literally long day. I’ve been up since 8AM and was out of the house before 10AM. And I just got home about an hour ago. Let’s not talk about that, shall we? 😀 Although I need all the powers that be to intercede in the processing of my passport due to an urgent business need to travel. I need the passport to come out by the 14th of this month. But like I said, that’s not what I really wanted to talk – well, write – about. Since the start of this year, […]

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The Joys (and The Horrors) of Motherhood

joys of motherhood

Ever heard of the phrase “the joys of motherhood”? I’ve heard this a lot of times from Moms all over, even in commercials and advertisements for baby stuff and motherhood. They always say things about how joyful being a mother is, how happy they are that they are Moms, to the point that they make it sound like a walk in the park, all rainbows and butterflies. But I never really fully grasp the meaning of the phrase until I became a mother myself.

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