Knits and Purls – Picking Up a Long Lost Hobby

knits and purls

Why knitting? You might ask. For me, there’s something calming about the repeated knits and purls or the alternating knits and purls. The repetitiveness of the task silences the daily mind chaos brought about by work, the stress of being stuck at home away from family, and it gives that comforting silence even when you’re alone. I guess for some, it would be a different hobby or craft that gives them these but for me, I found it in knitting.

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Plug-In: Crochet and Coffee

It’s been almost a week since the last post and I have been itching to post something for the past few days but I have been getting anxious and stressed out with work lately because of the high expectations and tight deadlines. I’ll keep it at that. LOL Anyway, my brother (yes, my BROTHER), has just started his own blog to showcase his hobby – crocheting. It may be unheard of for some and quite unusual to find a guy who is into needle craft such as crocheting and knittingĀ but I think it is no different from finding a guy […]

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