Happy Father’s Day

During my younger years, I never felt that we were poor. Maybe because my Dad provided well for our family without any complaints. He was what I would call a traditional family man. He worked hard but at the same time, he and my Mom made sure that we still spend time together as a family. He always had the final say in everything. He was the kind of father that will let us do things on our own and would support us in every decision you make. But at the same time, he would also make sure that we are within the bounds of the family values that he and my Mom instilled in us.

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Fatherless on Fathers’ Day

Today is fathers’ day. Before anything else, let me greet all fathers out there a Happy Fathers’ Day. I know your children are honored to have you as their father and wouldn’t trade you for anyone else. May you continue to be the best father that you ought to be to your children.

Like I said, today is fathers’ day. It used to be a fun occasion for me, except for two years now, it has become a bittersweet day for two reasons:

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A Perfect Date with Dad

I never got to bring my Dad on a real father-daughter date. I guess I was too late in planning it. There will never be a time when I could tell him, “let’s go on a date, Dad.”. My only consolation, I guess, is that I was able to thank him for everything he’s done. I was able to tell him I love him before he passed away.

I guess what I could do once I get my own car is to continue with the planned date on my own and dedicate the trip to my Dad instead.

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