The Post-Op…

So, the surgery was successful… Yipee! After 30 minutes of posting the previous blog, the nurse called me and told me that I am needed in the OR… I was anxious because no further information was given. I was only told that the surgeon was requesting me in the operating room. Closing my laptop and getting my bag, I went back to the fifth floor at the Ophthalmology operating room. I was given a set of scrub suit and quickly changed into it, then I was led to the waiting area beside the recovery room. There were two other patients […]

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The Waiting Game

waiting game

As of this writing, Z is already in the operating room for about an hour. I left him there crying – well, screaming. I think he was restrained again. And knowing that kid, he loves being able to move freely. Someone restrains him and he will scream and yell.

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