The Post-Op…

So, the surgery was successful… Yipee! After 30 minutes of posting the previous blog, the nurse called me and told me that I am needed in the OR… I was anxious because no further information was given. I was only told that the surgeon was requesting me in the operating room. Closing my laptop and getting my bag, I went back to the fifth floor at the Ophthalmology operating room. I was given a set of scrub suit and quickly changed into it, then I was led to the waiting area beside the recovery room. There were two other patients […]

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And The Countdown Begins

congenital bilateral cataract

My son was born with congenital bilateral cataract. For my son’s first week of life, I was actually hoping and praying so hard that it was just a film covering his eyes caused by his jaundice (I read something about this one when I was doing research). ┬áDuring his confinement, we got a referral to a pedia-ophthalmologist (who I later on learned was not really a pedia-ophtha). My heart broke when the doctor confirmed that my son indeed have cataracts in both eyes. The only option given us was surgery. There is no other way to correct cataract but to extract the lens from the eyes. While the doctor was explaining, my mind was raising. How? Why? Howcome it did not show any sign of it during pre-natal check ups?

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