12 Days For The Year That Was – April 2015

It’s almost 4AM on this side of the world. Where did the time go? It was just 2AM a while ago…

It’s been raining almost the whole day today. Traffic was really bad and taxis are nowhere to be found. Grab and Uber surges are way too much too. Sheeesh.

Let’s look back on what happened to my life last April of this year. April marked my 10th year of living in the big metro. When I first started out, I never entertained the idea of staying in the big metro this long. I gave myself 5 years only, just enough time to earn a little before I go back to the mountain city. Little did I know that I would eventually feel at home in the big metro. I’d say I have found my niche here.

While I started the month marking a milestone in my life, it went downhill so fast because I was forced to find a new apartment to live in. You see, my contract with my previous lessor was ended and no renewal was allowed since I have already been there for 5 years and they needed to renovate the unit. Long story short, no matter how much I try to negotiate, they were adamant with their decision that I vacate the place.

If March was my most stressful month, professionally speaking, April was the most stressful month for me on a personal level due to the fact that I was spending long hours at work and when I get home, I had to start sorting my things – which will go to the trash and which will go to the new place – all the while trying to find a new place to live in. I was lucky to have found a new place in about two weeks’ time but it saddened me that I was leaving the comfort of my shoebox-sized apartment. I had lots of memories in that place, you know. And to be honest, I kinda miss the coziness of that small space.

And if there was one thing that I learned and grateful for for the month of April, it was all about letting go (the art of letting go… harhar!). I got attached to that place so much given that I’ve lived there for 5 long years.  I was able to accumulate a lot of things that, until now, I could never figure out how all of those stuff fit in that tiny space. I had to leave the small space but of course not the memories. Those memories will always be in my heart (naks!).

I have a tendency to hoard sometimes. I hold on to things because of the sentimental value attached to it and all that but I had to learn how to let those things go. It was a bit hard at first but when it becomes a habit, it becomes easier, too. I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to de-clutter and that I needed to throw away stuff that I am not using while thinking that maybe, some people would benefit from it. (I do remember seeing my trash taken by the homeless family roaming around my area before. At least I do know that they would be able to use some of the stuff I threw out).

So there. It was crib hunting and learning the art of letting go. Not of a person, but of all the junk that I accumulated for the past 5 years. Things that didn’t need space in my new crib. 🙂 Sometimes, we need to learn how to let go. Because if we don’t, how are we going to receive new blessings that will arrive, right?

What about you? What was the highlight of your life last April and what lesson did the month teach you? Or what were you grateful for?

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