12 Days For The Year That Was – March 2015

It’s already 5AM on this side of the world and I am just about to get some sleep. It’s still dark outside, too. A sign that nights are indeed already longer. The rain has stopped as well though I am not sure if it will still rain later on. I just hope that there will be not much traffic since classes are already suspended. The heavy rains had caused flood in some areas within the metro.

Anyway, I think March was one of the low points of my life this year. I was too stressed out at work. It seemed that there was a never ending list of issues that we were getting from the project that we have just launched. We were arguing with each other, trying to push each other to the limit just to resolve those issues. I remember a lot of heated arguments over conference calls and even during face to face meetings. Apart from work, I was also having such a hard time looking for a nanny for my son. I never realized that finding a nanny was so hard nowadays. I heard and read stories about unworthy nannies and it was making me paranoid if my decision to get one was really a good decision.

On the brighter side, my little Z had his first haircut during this month. He looked so adorable sporting long locks that slightly curled at the tips that I never really wanted to get him a hair cut. Nevertheless, he looked handsome after his hair cut. I have to grudgingly admit that. He kinda lost his baby look, too and started to look more like the toddler that he was starting to be.

For the month of March, I struggled with patience. I am not the most patient person in the world, a lot of people can attest to that. But I think I was being taught patience for this month. I never realized it then but looking back now, all the things that I have gone through for that month was a test for me. While it is still a struggle for me to stretch my patience at times, I know that I am now in the right path. Patience is not something that you learn in a day. It is something that you get when the times get tough. When I am stressed, when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, or I feel that I am caught in the middle, I now try to step back a little and breathe.

And for that I am grateful. 🙂

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