Weight Issues after Giving Birth

I didn’t really want to write something about weight issues but I guess I just needed to do it. You see, I did not really get that big when I was pregnant. I had a small tummy. Even my OB said that I didn’t really gain weight. All the weight I gained was my baby. And even before I got pregnant, I was at the base line of my weight range. I had (well, have) irregular eating habits, not enough sleep, and too much going on to really think of having a healthy diet.

When I got pregnant, I had to ensure that I eat at least three times a day. I literally kept a journal of what I was eating every meal and I even had to indicate the time I ate until I was able to regulate my eating habit. At the same time, I was conscious of what I ate. And I never really craved when I was pregnant. I think that was one of the reasons why I never got bloated. I had everything in moderation. With the exception of my coffee intake. I know, I know. I was told by my OB that I can have 2 cups (you know, those small coffee cups, not the big mugs) a day. 😛

@37 weeks
@37 weeks
@14 weeks post partum
@14 weeks post partum

My pre-pregnancy weight was 48 kg. That was my range base line. When I gave birth, I was at 64 kg. Now? My weight plays between 45-46 kg. Waaaaaay under my baseline. Shocking?

A lot of my work colleagues were surprised when I went back to work after my maternity leave. I was told several comments, too: “you’re so thin!”, ‘You don’t look like you gave birth!”, “Are you sure you got pregnant?” among others.

Up until now, my son is already 9 months old, I still get these comments. I hear a lot of envy in the voice, too. And the envious voices come not only from new Moms but from hoping-to-be Moms, too. And it gets old, to be honest.

Let me back up here a moment. I was never really that conscious about my weight. The only time that I got quite conscious about it was when my Dad commented that I was getting fat. And that was sometime around 2007-2008, I think. If I remember correctly, I was at 60-62 kg that time. So, I would agree with my Dad. I gained so much weight (no wonder it was really hard to climb the stairs!). 3 years ago, I went down to 56 kg on the average. I think that was due to the fact that I live on the fifth floor of an elevator-less building so you really have to climb the stairs. A year after that, my weight went down to 48-50 kg. That was time that I was spending 14-16 hours at work, 4 hours of sleep on the average, going on a night out with friends over the weekend, not enough healthy food intake and the likes.

The advantage of reaching my normal weight range? I can wear the clothes that I have in my closet that I couldn’t wear before because my fats were showing. 😛

Three weeks after I gave birth, I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. I think what helped that time was the fact that I was stressed and at the same time, I was exclusively breastfeeding. 8 weeks after giving birth, the buttons on my blouses are no longer popping out. 🙂 I was happy to be honest. I didn’t have to change my wardrobe since I fit my clothes perfectly and I lost my pregnancy fat.

Here is the real issue here. I thought I was maintaining my usual baseline weight. I was wrong. I got tired of getting all the “You’re so thin!” comments so I never really gave a thought about my weight. Until my Mom and my other relatives said the same thing, only in a different tone. That was quite alarming. I checked my weight and found out that I am way below my range. Not a good sign.

If other Moms struggle to lose their weight after giving birth, my issue is gaining weight. I have to start regulating my diet again. Although I eat, I think I have to make sure I eat the right foods. And given that I don’t work the regular day shift, the more that I need to ensure that I eat nutritious food to keep up with the grueling schedules.

So, you envy me yet? Trust me. Knowing that you are underweight means that you are not getting the right nutrition. Yes, I may be thin. Yes, I may have lost my pregnancy weight gain, but the mere fact that I am underweight – NOT GOOD!

So the next time you meet someone who quickly lost weight after giving birth, don’t just envy them. There’s always a story behind that. And this is my story.



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  1. Just know that you’re beautiful in whatever size you come. I am having a difficulty losing weight. I have 2 kids and it’s really hard. But right now, what’s important is love for myself and the love I receive from my family. 🙂

  2. Aww.. Guilty! I used to feel envious on mommies who gave birth but didn’t look like it. Me, I was skinny but after giving birth, I gained a lot and unable to recover 🙂
    But as long as my hubby loves the way I look and I feel his sincerity, insecurities quickly fade away.

    1. As they say, you feel beautiful when you are loved and as long as you love yourself, you will attract love… or something like that.. 😀 I’d say, as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin and are healthy, there’s no reason to envy skinny people 🙂

  3. You know, I’m not really surprised to hear your story. The year after I gave birth, I was in my lightest ever. I was back to my weight when I was 12, promise. There are many factors: puyat, the exercise taking care of a baby gives, and for me, breastfeeding. I day don’t worry about it; you’ll gain the weight back when your baby gets less dependent on you.

      1. So true. I was exclusively breastfeeding for the first three weeks then too much stress because twice na-confine yung baby ko during his first month.. Now naman, work-related stress, puyat then long commutes during the weekend to go see my son.. Right now, nasa baseline naman nako ng weight range ko pero I still need a few more pounds para magkasya sa mga damit ko 😀

  4. It’s really a must for moms to take good care of ourselves despite the many many responsibilities that we have to do. Hope you can get back to your proper weight already. Try to get more sleep too! That should help. 🙂

  5. I never had problems with my weight on my first two kids, I always fit back into my old clothes after a few months. But it was quite different with my third. I think, for the very same reason you say you’re thin is the same reason I gained weight — improper nutrition. I’d rather have your problem though, hehe

  6. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from you, meaning I have yet to lose the baby weight, 8 years after giving birth hahaha. But I understand how difficult it also is to be in your shoes. Opposite extremes tayo. Hayyy!

  7. I am a chubby but I people who are closed to me I am known as Anna sexy what ever what is my weight as long as I believe that I am sexy, I will be sexy in my world 🙂 . Just take apebon vitamins will help you to gain weight.

  8. My issue now is losing the preggy flabs. Although most of my friends have been calling “mataba”, I don’t really care. Yes, I may have whined a bit about it especially in the morning when I can’t find a piece of clothing in my wardrobe that fits, but basically I don’t really care. Now, I’d wear tight fitting shirts and won’t mind my tummy. Kahit lahat sila nagsasabing bakat na bakat daw ang tyan ko, kiber! Sabi ko, malaki talaga sya, kahit anong damit isuot ko babakat. Wala na kong paki. Ang importante is I try to eat healthy. Not just for myself but for the baby, coz I am exclusively breastfeeding my little one.

    1. That’s true confidence! 🙂 We sometimes tend to focus on physical appearances instead of just being comfortable in our own skin.. 😀

    1. been trying to load up on carbs for now… so far, it helped me gain a few pounds… kaso lumalaki lang ulit tyan ko hahaha… will try to load up on protein din.. hopefully, it will help 🙂 thanks!

  9. It must be tough, but don’t let it stress you out too much! My husband is underweight, and I found this weight gain shake on Pinterest that we might try out when we get a blender. Perhaps it’s worth trying out too? I don’t have the link, but if you search Pinterest you should be able to find a few good links! Good luck!

  10. If I can also give you my extra fat, I will do it..haha…Well, my weight did not go down since I gave birth, I’m still the “pregnant looking” lady..huhu…I think it’s time to do the balik-alindog project. For me, mas madali mag gain ng weight kesa mag-lose..ahehe…:-D

  11. when i was single, i was thin & had flat tummy. but i was never conscious about my food intake when i was preggy. mas masarap pa nga kumain! hehe! a lot also said that i looked better na nagkalaman ako. but what i really wanted to get rid is the belly, i miss my flat tummy so much! hehe! and i wanted to fit in my old jeans again! but of course health is more important than weight/size.

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