December, oh, December…

It’s already the 10th of December and here I am, just about to write my first post for the month. Apparently, it will be a post that will be full of my usual blabber again. LOL.

It has been a very, very busy time for me since last month. We have been locked up esconsed in the conference room at work for the past three weeks (this is our fourth week now), working on resolving a lot of issues with the project that we are involved in. We have quite a few weeks before the project is launched and to say that I am worried is another understatement. We are all getting frustrated and tired and we just wanted this project to be over. Well, I just want for this project to be over.

I have already been losing sleep over this and I have been having nightmares dreaming about this project for days now and I think that is no longer a good sign. LOL! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I am doing. Call me a masochist but for some reason, I love the stress level of these kinds of jobs. I just don’t like the politics that is incorporated. That is what frustrates me the most.

It’s also our company’s Christmas party this weekend and I haven’t shopped for something to wear until now. The theme? Something colorful. Where in the world am I going to look for something colorful?? I am not really fond of wearing colorful clothes. Most of my clothes consist of black tops and jeans. I have a few colored shirts but nothing is suitable for a company event. Good thing that malls are now open until 11PM. That gives me some time to go to the mall to try to find something. If I get lucky.

Have you noticed the traffic lately? It is HORRIBLE! As what a former Spanish-speaking work colleague would say, “Que horror!” LOL! Main thoroughfares now experience heavy traffic jams no matter what time of day it is.

Anyway, enough of that. It is now December and I am sooo looking forward to my two-week vacation that will start on the 22nd. With this project going on at work, I have quite lost some bonding time with my son and I am going to make it up to my little boy during my long holiday break.

And I need to catch up on sleep. I feel that I am sleep-deprived nowadays but then again, even if I want to, I could not sleep early. I am getting insomniac again.

I didn’t expect my December to be this uber busy. And to think that I haven’t really started with my shopping just yet. I am not yet done with my Christmas list which has been cut down to about an eighth of my original list. 😀 I am hoping to finish everything before I go on vacation though.

Okay, before I go on and blabber more, I think I’ll end this now. It is already almost 2AM and I need to go get a few zzz’s for now before another busy day tomorrow.


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    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know someone that I could borrow a dress from here in the big metro… :-/ So I am planning to wear jeans and a top instead. I just need a top that I can use more than once LOL

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