Oh, Christmas Tree…

So I stayed in the big metro this weekend to have some much needed rest and a little retail therapy. Plus, I needed to clean my apartment. It doesn’t look like a home of a woman already. LOL!

Anyway, so there were a lot of sale that happened this weekend. I think almost all of the big malls went on sale and no matter how many they are and how strategically located they are, there was still heavy traffic jam all over the big metro. Yesterday, I decided to see what the sale is all about in Glorietta. I haven’t been to Glorietta in what seems like ages! I didn’t even know that SM Makati has been renovated and that the supermarket is now at the basement while the space where it used to occupy now houses Uniqlo and H&M and another store in between that I never really bothered checking.

I decided to treat myself to my usual hang out place whenever I am in that vicinity – UCC Park Cafe. 😀 Typical of me, I ordered their houseblend coffee and decided to get the mango crepe which, later on, I realized that it is actually too much for just moi to finish off. I finished the wrap and the mango slices while half of the ice cream melted on the plate. 🙁

a treat for the tired momma 🙂

I didn’t really have anything planned to buy just yet so I ended up roaming around Glorietta to Landmark to SM Makati for several hours. There were so many people it was really hard to check out what was on sale in any of the shops. At the end of the day, I went home with little Z’s diapers, a couple of long pants and short pants, and a polo that I know my little boy will really look handsome in. (Now I need to hunt denim pants to pair it with… 😛 ). Oh yeah, I forgot to find something for me. LOL! Nevermind, as long as I was able to buy something for the little boy, I am happy. I’ll shop for myself when I get the chance (and the budget).

Sunday, I decided to visit Megamall. I am only a few blocks away but I rarely get to roam around this mall now, not like I used to. They have items already on sale but I think (if I remember correctly) they will have another sale this weekend. I bought little Z’s push walker, finally deciding to get Little Footprints’ push walker (photo and review – I hope – to follow). I have been hunting a good push walker for the little boy and so far, this was the only one that I found that can be converted into an activity table. I also bought some red and gold Christmas balls because I decided to put up the Christmas tree.

Lights up!
Lights up!

It took me about thirty minutes to look for the ornaments that I kept from last year’s decorations. For some reason, I couldn’t remember where I placed it and I had to open all of the storage boxes that I have in the house before finally checking the small box on one of the bottom shelves in my living room. And all along I thought I kept it in the storage box seat that I have. Yeeesh!

So here is how it turned out after I added the ornaments:

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree! :D
Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree! 😀

It looks weird, doesn’t it? It’s got too many balls, me thinks. I don’t know. I think I no longer know how to decorate. Nevertheless, watching the lights blink earlier was actually quite relaxing. Hopefully, putting up the tree will bring some holiday cheer to my lonesome (and almost clean) apartment and some good vibes and great news and all the goodness and greatness for December.

To December, please be good to me. I’ve tried to be good the whole year. 🙂

Anybody else still about to put up their Christmas decorations? How did it go?


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  1. I let the kids and the husband put up the tree last week and they did a terrible job decorating it. Hahaha but I love every inch of it. Especially that I did not lift a finger 😉 I envy you! Malling alone for hours is something I never get to do anymore!

    1. It was soooo tempting to buy anything I fancy but had to stop myself from impulse buying again.. It was a good exercise though LOL

  2. My husband put up our Christmas tree alone while Rhian and I are just watching him. Hehe. But you know what my husband did a good job, mas magaling syang mag decorate kesa sa akin. Hehe. I agree with you, watching the lights blinking at the tree was very relaxing plus mas nafe-feel mo na malapit na mag Christmas. Oh. Advance Merry Christmas!

  3. We don’t have any Christmas decor yet. It’s laziness and practicality for me since we won’t spend Christmas at home. But I love all the sale happening this past few days. If only I have the budget and the time.

    1. It was just last year that I bought a tree, too, but I don’t spend the holidays here. I always go home to Baguio because that’s where my family is.

      I love sale events and I am also on a tight budget so hanggang tingin nalang ako… Bawi nalang tayo next year 😀

    1. December na Mommy. Wala nang diet diet.. Next year nalang ulit hehehe… I didn’t realize na for two nga pala kasi sya and yet I still ordered it.. Lusaw tuloy ang ice cream 😛

  4. We usually put up the tree by Sept 1 but this year since we will be spending the holidays on a long vacation in Bacolod, we decided not to make the tree but just put small decors in our unit.

    1. I myself won’t be spending Christmas here but then nasayangan ako sa christmas tree ko if I am not going to put it up… 😀 I just love staring at the lights though… Have a great holidays in Bacolod 😀

  5. So typical of moms no? Give them a break and place them in malls and what do they do? Buy stuff for the children haha. But it’s really enjoyable to do so! Anyway, Christmas trees are meant to be over-decorated! Haha 😛

  6. We were at Glorietta too because I had to attend an event there last Saturday afternoon. You’re right, there were a LOT of people and the traffic was just so crazy!!! At least you were still able to buy some stuff. 🙂

    1. I sort of convinced myself that I needed to be able to buy something tangible that I can bring home instead of spending money on eating out and wonder later on where my money went.. LOL!

  7. To be honest, it’s already december and here in our home I still haven’t had the chance to put up decors cause I keep putting off buying new ones in divisoria. The old ones were ruined during the past storm… anyways, methinks that you have decorated your tree well and I always think that you can never have too many xmas balls or lights on the tree :3

  8. We haven’t been able to put up a Christmas tree ever since the Ondoy tragedy. 🙁 I wanted to buy a new one but really don’t know where to buy inexpensive yet sturdy Christmas tree. BTW, great decorations Maam 🙂

    1. Thanks Yvonne. 😀 My Mom bought my christmas tree last year. She was able to buy in Farmers Cubao. I think they sell inexpensive trees there. Or Divisoria, maybe? 😀

  9. putting up the tree is one of our fave mum + babe activities. it was my little guy who’s more excited to do it every year + i put him in charge of hanging the Christmas balls, which he absolutely enjoys. i thought your tree looks great + i have to agree, the blinking lights sure look very relaxing.

    1. I can’t wait for my little boy to grow up a bit to help me with the decorations, too.. Maybe next year 😀

      I saw my Mom’s tree over the weekend and it is looks so much better than mine… I forgot to take a photo though. LOL

  10. I love your Christmas tree Mommy Liz. 😀
    good thing I have a yaya who decorates well, pinaubaya ko na sa kanya ang mga Christmas decors. hahaha…I also love malling alone. It’ me time for me. Pwede din ba sumama sayo minsan. hehehe 😀

  11. we have minimal christmas decor this year. soo many things to do and it’s so hard to clean up after christmas. So i said simple but elegant nlang 🙂

  12. I put the Christmas tree a little later this year ( too busy! Lol) but am really glad I’m finally able to decorate it with the same decors that of last year (tipid). Christmas tree somehow makes Christmas season a bit more Christmassy! 😀

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