Oh, Christmas Tree…

So I stayed in the big metro this weekend to have some much needed rest and a little retail therapy. Plus, I needed to clean my apartment. It doesn’t look like a home of a woman already. LOL! Anyway, so there were a lot of sale that happened this weekend. I think almost all of the big malls went on sale and no matter how many they are and how strategically located they are, there was still heavy traffic jam all over the big metro. Yesterday, I decided to see what the sale is all about in Glorietta. I haven’t […]

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BER Months

I know this is already considered a late topic since we are well on our way to the second BER month. But just try to indulge me on this one and I hope to get your inputs, too. 🙂

So, here are the things that usually happen around these months:

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Vacation over so soon…

A few hours  from now, I – together with my son and my sister – will be travelling back to the big metro. The holidays are over and I need to go back to work (much to my disappointment 🙁 ). My son has an appointment with his pedia-ophthal on Tuesday that is why he is going back with me. My sister is coming with us as well to help take care of my little big boy while I report back to work. It was a very short two weeks, to tell you honestly. It seems like my son has […]

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