Mother’s Day Special – Thank You, Mama!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I don’t plan to celebrate this day or anything, really. It’s just me and my son this weekend as Z’s nanny took her days off this weekend, which is actually fine since she just celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Spending Mother’s Day weekend with my son is enough celebration for me. 🙂

Today though is not for me. Today, I would like to celebrate my Mom. You see, for the longest time, greeting her “Happy Mother’s Day” on mother’s day has been automatic because everyone was doing it. I never really thought about the why. Why do we honor our mothers on this day?

Mother dearest :) (photo by Reis)
Mother dearest 🙂 (photo by Reis)

This got me thinking for quite some time. Well, since I became a Mom myself. Being a mother is hard work. It takes strength, determination, compassion, lots of patience and a lot of love to be one. When they say that you only know your true strength once you become a mother is actually true.

So today, I want to thank my Mom. I haven’t really thanked her for a lot of things that she’s done for me and my son. So, here goes my list.

Dear Mama,

Thank you for being my cheerleader during those times in school when I felt like I have failed. You always reminded me that as long as I did my best and gave my all, there’s nothing that I should regret.

Thank you for being so patient with me as I try to assert myself and follow my own decisions even if those decisions were reckless. Not once did I hear you say, “I told you so”. Rather, you have been there to guide me back.

Thank you for being there always when I needed help to get me out in a bind. Back when I was losing patience with certain government offices, you took care of that for me. When I was almost thrown out of my apartment, you came and helped me sort it out. Even if that meant leaving Dad back home for a couple of days.

Thank you for being my strength during all of Z’s confinements. When I was so absorbed in torturing myself for everything that Z was going through, you were there to take care of both of us.

Thank you for not giving up on us, even when we have given you so much headache and heartache in our younger years. 🙂

Now that I am a mom myself, I am starting to realize how hard it is to be you. With everything that our family has gone through, you have shown strength, courage and determination. And a lot of love and patience.

Thank you for being my Mom. I may not always show it but I don’t think I would be where I am right now had you not been there every step of the way.

Happy mother's day!
Happy mother’s day!

Thank you, Ma! Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you!

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