Red/Orange Weekend, a Giveaway and Brownie Craving

So I went home to the mountain city over the weekend. And boy, was I glad to have purchased my bus ticket going home because the chance passengers line was so long, it would have taken me a few hours before I can get a ride had I not bought my ticket. I got the 1AM trip home and arrived at around 6ish in the morning. Before leaving the terminal, I bought another ticket for Sunday night going back to the big metro. Even back home, there were way too many people at the terminal that night. And the chance passenger lines were long, too. So I guess that’s how it’s going to be from now on. Get a ticket and avoid the hassles of chance rides.

Anyway, it was just last Sunday night when I was looking at the photos in my phone that my son and I were wearing the same colors for the weekend. Saturday I let little Z wear an orange onesie while I found my red shirt. On Sunday, I wore an orange shirt while I let little Z wear a red shirt. Haha! It was just a coincidence, I swear. 🙂

Saturday outfit
Saturday outfit
Sunday outfit
Sunday outfit

My little Z is not crawling yet. He loves playing on his tummy (he wrestles with his seahorse and now with his new toy), and yet he still doesn’t know how to work his arms and legs together to crawl. However, he loves standing up. When he’s seated on your lap, he will wiggle around until you hold him up. And with that, my Mom said she has been letting the little boy practice standing by the wall.

a little more practice :)
a little more practice 🙂

On another note, I have been joining a lot of the giveaways of other bloggers. I actually don’t expect to win. Sometimes, it’s just fun joining. So imagine my surprise when I checked my email on Monday morning to find that I won. 🙂 I won 2 Leap Frog Educational DVDs for the little Z. Whoopee! 🙂 Thank you, Mommy May. You can check her blog here. I was told that it will be delivered this Friday. The timing is just right since little Z will be here by Friday night with my Mom and sis.

I won!!!!
I won!!!!

I am craving for brownies. Seriously. I was sitting on my desk at work, doing a report when all of a sudden I thought of a brownie and wanted it. But since it was already late and the open shops near our office building are the convenient stores (and they don’t normally have brownies anyway), I tried to check out some recipes and see if I can make it instead.

I am no baker. I was just in the mood to bake cookies for the past few weeks. And given that I still have left over ingredients, I tried to bake a brownie. I think I just burned it though. LOL! Since I am just using an oven toaster (and the smallest size at that), there is actually no baking pan that can really fit in it. So I used the metal mold for leche flan. Har har har! It works for me. But I think I baked it a little longer than it should. Taste-wise? I got it, though. Hahaha! My second attempt will be a whole lot better, that’s for sure. But then, hey, not bad for a first attempt with only an oven toaster. Good luck to my electric bill this month! 😛

I am going to spare you the photo of a failed brownie so let me leave you with another cute photo of my little Z instead. 🙂

"Mum, look! My lips can hold my specs." LOL!
“Mum, look! My lips can hold my specs.” LOL!


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