The Cookie Diaries: Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies

I just got home from work. Well, not exactly. I came home about thirty minutes ago (and it’s already 4:46AM this side of the world as I type this). I got off work at around 3:30AM, went to the bus terminal to get a ticket for tomorrow when I go home to see my little Z. And boy, am I glad that I decided to get a ticket already. When I got to the terminal, there was a long line of chance passengers, waiting to get a seat on the bus. And it is just early Friday morning here! I am expecting that the line tomorrow will be a whole lot longer. At least I got a ticket now. Whoopee! I will get home earlier than usual and will be able to have a little more time with my little Z over the weekend.

So, last post was about what I do when boredom strikes. It seems that boredom has been my constant companion for the past few weeks now. There are a lot of things that I would like to do but I have very little time and resources at this time. So I resorted to baking cookies. Like I said, I have been baking cookies since I discovered that I could make them using the oven toaster. 😛 And yesterday when I got home from work was no different.

I was actually not satisfied with what I made previously so I was challenged to make another batch and see if it would be better. Tried a different recipe, too, although there’s really nothing too different with the previous one I used. Well, they turned out a whole lot better than the first one. Good job! Yehey! Haha!

Since I am the only one here in my apartment (and I cannot eat all of the cookies I made), I brought it to the office and gave it to a few colleagues. They said it was good. Another said I could make them and sell them. LOL! If I lose my job (God forbid), I might just do that. But for now, cookie making is just something I do when boredom strikes and I need something to do.

I saw a few cookie recipes that looks interesting and I might just do that in the next few weeks. Until I get over my boredom. And as long as I have the budget for the ingredients. 🙂 If my Mom will have the time to make peanut butter, I might just bake peanut butter cookies. 😛

Here’s the second attempt (and a successful one) of the blueberry thumbprint cookies:

waiting to get in the oven toaster
waiting to get in the oven toaster
last batch
last batch


I made a few deviations on the recipe:

  • changed almond flour to all-purpose flour
  • used a half cup of brown sugar and no more white sugar used
  • wrapped the dough in cling wrap and placed it in the freezer for about 15 minutes
  • pre-heated the oven toaster for 5 minutes
  • baked the first batch of cookies for 10 minutes and the last batch at about 8 minutes (since the toaster has no temp control and it can get hotter than the temperature needed)
  • instead of  filling the cookie with the blueberry filling after baking the cookie dough, I incorporated it in the dough before baking it
  • mixed a dash of sugar on the blueberry filling before putting it on the cookie dough

So, there you go. They look a bit burnt on the photo but they were baked just right (for an oven toaster, that is). Go check out the recipe if you’re interested. Make your own deviations, too, if you want. 🙂

I think I need to make more the next time. About 20 cookies is not enough. LOL!

I am also considering baking something for my little Z. Any cookie recipe that is good for an 8-month old infant? 🙂




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  1. I think it’s every wife/mom’s dream to own an oven…I look forward to owning one, hopefully before the year ends. But oven toasters are such amazing little boxes, aren’t they? I used to bake cookies on them too. How does the shift from almond flour to all purpose differ?

    1. I’m planning on getting one, too before the year ends. i was thinking of getting one last year but baby needs had too come first. 🙂 I actually have no idea what almond flour is for but instead of ommitting it, i substituted it with all purpose flour. So far it worked out fine. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. I have never tried baking cookies. I always thought that you needed really nice ovens for it. I should give it a try with my trusty oven toaster. 🙂

  3. Wow the cookies look good! I actually live them a little burnt haha. I’ve known for a while that one can bake in the oven toaster but I’m afraid of using ours! 😀

  4. I love blueberries! I’ve always wanted to buy my own oven so I can bake, I’m planning to buy one soon, if not this Christmas then probably on my next birthday. Those cookies look delicious, btw.

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