Photo – Blog Challenge Day 16

Blog Challenge: What’s your biggest accomplishment?

I really don’t take note of the things that I accomplish. Well, not consciously, anyway. Especially for those “accomplishments” that really makes a difference. For me, to say that I have accomplished something would mean that I have made an impact in some sort of over-all scheme (Note as previously mentioned: high expectations of myself).

I think I could say that my being able to be independent is my the biggest accomplishment, so far. When I moved out of the house and ventured on my own into the chaotic corporate world, I was living in the idea that it would be an easy thing to do. But achieving independence takes time and effort to stabilize oneself. Being independent doesn’t only mean moving out of the house. It means moving out of the house and being able to actually provide for your own needs and sustain it. It took me a while to be able to do that since first, I was never really good at budgeting (well, I still have lapses with this but not as how I used to).

Independence is not something given to you. It is something that you achieve. And it takes quite an effort to get to a point when you can really say that you are independent. Over the years, I learned a few things along the way until such time that I was not only able to sustain my needs but also provide a little something for my family.

Photo Challenge: Play time

More often than not, picture-taking is part of my play time with my son. Here is one of the recent photos that we have. This was taken just last night:

"stop taking pictures. I want my milk!"
“stop taking pictures. I want my milk!”

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