Photo – Blog Challenge Day 19

Blog Challenge: 5 Blogs you read on a regular basis and why

Nowadays, I don’t have that much time to really follow blogs on a regular basis given all the tasks that I need to do. But here are a few of the blogs that I read on every now and then:


I was searching for information about cataract glasses when I found this blog. I started following the blog because it is about an infant’s journey with congenital cataract. My son has the same condition so I found this blog full of insights of what I can expect our lives to be after surgery.


I am not sure if this can really be considered a blog site. Well, it’s got blogs and all that and literally a site full of useful information for first time moms like me. But that is not the reason why I follow this site, if you may. I check on this regularly for schedules of bazaars and sale events. 😛


Another blog site full of insights from other moms as well. I don’t visit this site as often as I would want to but when I visit this site, I just usually post my latest blog on one of the topics where you add your latest blog post.


I can’t think of any other blogs that I follow and read on a regular basis or when I have the time. I just read a few whenever I see a link in my FB newsfeed that catches my attention.

Well, I guess I failed today’s challenge since I cannot come up with 5. 😛

Photo Challenge: Close-up

How close up is a close-up shot? I have a lot of what I can say close-up shots of my son. And I guess most of the photos I post are, well, technically, close ups. But here is another one just taken this early evening when I woke up and found him still wide awake and playing:

"where's my milk, Mommy?"
“where’s my milk, Mommy?”

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