Photo – Blog Challenge Day 20

Blog Challenge: What do you collect?

Over the years, I have collected several things. One of the earliest collections I’ve had was the stamps. I got interested in it when I was back in grade school, I think, because of a field trip that we went to. I cannot remember what the trip was all about. All I can remember was that I bought a couple of stamps. And that started my collection. I got all the mails that my Mom kept and cut out the stamps. I think I had about almost 200 stamps collected. Now that I think about it, I cannot remember where I kept them. That collection stopped when I got into college.

Another thing that I used to collect are wedding souvenirs. Although I think this would be a “family” collection since it was not exactly given to me but to my Mom. I’ve attended several weddings myself and I still have the souvenirs they gave. The collection now includes baby christening souvenirs, birthday give aways and other events that give out souvenirs. The thing is, I haven’t fixed them in a display shelf yet.

One of the recent one that I collected was the McDonald’s glasses with the FIFA logo. Wait, was it the FIFA logo or the olympics? Hmm, I can’t remember. There were 6 glasses of different colors and different logos. I was able to complete the 6 however, a couple already broke (not my fault).

Over the years, I’ve had several collections of knick-knacks.Some of them I realized are already garbage and some of them I still keep mostly due to sentimental value, if you may.

Photo Challenge: Flowers

My son and I haven’t been out to the park yet where there are still flowers all around. I think we will do this once we go home. So, for this challenge, i think I will fail as there are no flowers in any of the photos that we’ve had.

To compensate for it, my second name is Rose (but don’t you ever dare call me that!), so I will be posting another photo of the two of us:


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