Blog Challenge – Day 31: Favorite Hobbies and Way to Spend Down-Time

Here we are, the last challenge. Finally! Haha!

Geez! Given that I was so busy juggling work and mommy life and personal life, I don’t think I have the time for hobbies anymore. When I was a kid though, I like crafts. I do crochet and knitting (which I never really totally got the hang of) but I think most of the time, I was doing cross-stitching. Then some time in college, I got hooked to friendship bracelets. I made a few for my Mom’s Korean students at one time, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

There was a time that I wanted to take up baking as a hobby. I really, really, really wanted to do that when I was young. But we didn’t have an oven so it was out of the question. Until someone gave us an oven toaster and I discovered that I could bake cookies using that. LOL! But that didn’t really last for long. Until now, I make cookies when I am in the mood to do so. But I might be buying my own oven so I can bake pasta. ๐Ÿ˜€

Probably one hobby that I have for the longest time is reading. Since high school, I got hooked to reading pocket books. Andย since 2008 (I think), I had been buying books from thrift shops. As soon as I get off work in the morning, I would spend my time hanging out at Starbucks watching people while listening to music and sipping my venti cup of frappuccino as I wait for the malls to open. Then I would go straight to Book Sale and hunt for interesting books to read (something light that will take the stress off my mind so I could sleep). I haven’t read a book for about two years now, I think. Since I got pregnant, I had a lot more things to think of and get busy with that I never got the chance to read anything anymore. Most of the reading I did was online journals on pregnancy, infants and babies and mommy blogs. ๐Ÿ˜›

One other hobby that I miss though is writing. Not the kind that I do here in my blog. The creative writing thing. The one where I get to write an emotion out of something that I saw or something that came out of a what-if question. You get my drift. You can check my other blog to know what I am talking about.

I always have a small notebook with me and I ensure that I have a pen handy at all times, too. Before I got pregnant, there were times that I would go have coffee on my own and start writing down what I could think of. Sometimes I write what I feel or think at that moment and sometimes, I write something about a what-if scenario that I have in my head.

Nowadays, I am lucky if I get some time to sit and write down a poem or a prose of that kind. Looks like my head cannot think of anything to write as of yet. Haha!

Given the stressful nature of my life, I am happy to just spend some time (either alone or with a friend) having coffee and watching people walk on by. That’s why I love coffee shops with al fresco dining so I could sit outside and watch people while Iย drink my coffee, listen to my music and come up with stories of the people walking around or even the ones having coffee at nearby tables. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could do this for hours on end. Haha! Well, I used to sit around for about 3 hours on the average and there are times that I get productive and there are times that I just sit and watch and let my mind wander.

I miss doing that. Maybe I should do it again some time.


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