Blog Challenge – Day 17: Where Do You Work?

So I just got home from work about less than an hour ago. Another 12-hour work day. I still have a lot of pending stuff that needs to get done and I need to start prioritizing them because I am now having a hard time catching up. One factor is my crazy schedule. Oh well.

So, day 17. Where I work. I work here:

courtesy of @meynardr
grabbed from my office mate’s IG.. not going to reveal the name though for privacy purposes 🙂

That’s where are offices are located. We used to be located on the other side of Ortigas but as of May this year, we have transferred to the new building. I am not sure if I can divulge the name of the company I am with so just to be on the safe side, I will just give a few description instead.

I have been with the company for 7.5 years. This company is my longest employer. I didn’t even know how I lasted this long. I told myself that I would just stay in the company for about 2-3 years before I jump ship but for some reason, I am still here. 😀

Our company is one of the Fortune 500 companies. Our business unit is the customer service of one of its supply chain. We cater to customers all over the world and interact with other local offices and business partners worldwide. Our customer base ranges from manufacturing plants of pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, etc. I guess when it comes down to it, give a big name and I can tell you if they are our customers or not. 😛 We also have a customer here in the Philippines and I think they are the biggest one we have here (or probably the only one? Not so sure about that).

We have recently been featured in the papers as well. And even if I wanted to share the link to the news article here, I am not sure of the policy that we have in terms of disclosing information. (I’d rather play it safe than lose my job 😛 ).

Anyway, I used to handle accounts (meaning I used to have about 9 companies who are business partners that I handle). That means I used to interact with our clients and provide them updates on what they needed to know. I have handled them for most of my stay in the company (about 6.5 years) and I was able to establish good relationship with a few of them. Some of them are my friends in FB, too. 🙂 Now, I am more involved in the business system side – interfaces, data imports and the likes and interact with contacts in all world areas. Hence, my crazy schedule. 🙂

The company I am with is a good company and I couldn’t ask for a better employer. With this company, I was able to travel to Singapore, US and The Netherlands (all business-related travels). And for that, I am grateful because even if I was sent there for work, I was able to go out of the country and visit other places, too.

So there. I think I have shared more than enough about where I work. 🙂

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