Blog Challenge – Day 3: Why Do I Blog?

It’s raining outside. I should have been sleeping now had I gone to bed earlier. But before I go visit neverland in my dreams, let me do this challenge first. Something to end the day.

Why do I blog?

When I started my very first blog, it was to see what blogging was all about. A few of my friends were maintaining their own blogs and I never really understood why. So I tried to sign up to see what the craze was all about. As I’ve mentioned previously, I never really shared my blog to the whole world, so to speak. I made it as my online journal – logging my rants, what happened with my day, etc. It sort of became the outlet of whatever excess energy I thought I needed to expend.

When Multiply was still active, I signed up as well and didn’t really use the blog at first. I made it as a dump for my photos (the ones that I didn’t share in Friendster then eventually, Facebook). When I started using the blog part, it was for the reason that I wanted to rant or speak up but not necessarily offending anyone with my opinions. I wrote about what was going on at work, I wrote about what I think about the current news and events, I wrote about what I feel at certain times. I also used the blog part as a repository of my compositions – short stories, prose and poems. I never really “published” it as well. Maybe because I didn’t want to be criticized for my work. 😛

The last blog I created,, well, I was supposed to come up with a website but then I saw the blog app part of it and added it and was the part of the site that was mostly used. LOL! I created that to document my pregnancy, the preparations I’ve done before the baby arrived, my letters to my unborn child, and all that. That time, I blogged because I wanted to document – as much as I can – the things that I’ve gone through during my pregnancy in the hopes that one day, my son would be able to read it and tell me what he thought about my journey. 🙂

Now, I blog for many reasons. First, I created this blog to document our mother and son journey. Second, so that I would have a repository of the letters that I continue to write for my baby. Third, to impart the joys and hardships of being a single parent to a special needs child in the hopes that someone would be able to relate to our story and be comforted with the fact that they are not alone. Fourth, I blog because at the end of a stressful work day, I need something to empty my mind and since blogging has always been my outlet (or just plain writing journals in notebooks, literally), what better way to do so than coming up with something to blog about? Fifth, I am thinking of trying out to use blogging as an income-generating sideline. 😀 Something that I still have to learn how to do, though.

So there. I blog for may reasons but at the end of the day, you could say that I blog because even when I was a lot younger, I already loved writing about anything under the sun. For some reason, even if I have no one to talk to, writing a journal in a notebook or writing a blog post brings comfort to me that physical company sometimes cannot fulfill. Seem like a sad thought, isn’t it? Well, not really. Not for me anyway.

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