Blog Challenge – Day 4: 5 Favorite Blogs

I am already in the bus on my way home to my baby love. Weeee! So excited to see my little big boy. *grinning like a fool*

On the previous blog challenge I took, I wrote about the 3 blogs I follow on a regular basis. Now, I am asked to identify my 5 favorite blogs. To be honest, I couldn’t really say that these 5 are my favorites. I read these blogs on a regular basis though (aka, I read them when I get the chance).

Do I need to write down the reasons? Hmmm… Suffice it say that when I became a Mom, most of the blogs I read are mommy blogs. 😀  It is nice reading stories from other moms about parenting, kids, and basically anything under the sun. It makes me feel like I am part of an inner society because I can now relate to the “mommy talks” going around in the blogosphere. LOL!

So without further ado, let me present to you the blogs I regularly visit (not exactly favorites because I haven’t really identified my favorite blogs as of yet):

1) Happy Soul Project
I like reading Tara’s posts whenever I get the chance. I think I found this blog when I was searching for Down Syndrome. As you all know, my son has DS so for me, being able to read something written by a mom who has a kid with DS as well – the joys, the struggles, the frustrations, accomplishments and the likes – somehow takes the loneliness felt.

2) Manila Mommy
Same as the above, I found this blog when I was doing research. And I am happy to have found Neva and get to meet her and her lovely family personally as well.

3) Game of Diapers
I can’t remember how I found out about this blog. It is another mommy blog that I have been following for quite sometime. I love reading about the parenting experiences of this blogger.

4) Noah’s Dad
I have been following this blog for quite sometime but never got to visit the blog as often as I wanted to. This is a daddy blog and he blogs about his son who’s got DS too. I may not visit his blogsite often but I follow his posts in FB.

5) Mommy Bloggers Philippines
Eversince I found this group, I have been visiting the blog site as frequently as I can. I love reading posts by other moms about anything under the sun. And the moms here are very friendly. Well, I haven’t met any of them yet (hopefully soon) but they are all willing to share tips, advises and all that to everyone.

So there. I have other blogs that I follow but like I said, I cannot really say that a few are my favorites over the others. It’s just that I frequently visit these blogs recently (well, I regularly visit some of these haha).

What about you guys? Any favorite blogs you follow? 🙂

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