Blog Challenge – Day 24: Three Things – 2 True and 1 False


With all the truths that I’ve been spilling out on this blog, it becomes hard to really come up with something untrue anymore without revealing something else with a false statement.

So how do I come up with this. Hmmm. Not so easy. LOL!

Let’s see here. I guess I will just come up with three things and it will be up to you, my dear readers, to identify which are true and which is false. Not that I will be confirming if your guesses are correct, anyway. 😀

So, here’s the three things:

  • As a kid, I hated afternoon naps. Who didn’t, right? 😀 I would pretend to nap until either my Mom or my Uncle (who watches us in the afternoon when the folks are out) had taken their naps as well. I would escape from the house, passing by the back door and off to the playground I go to play with the other kids staying at the bunk houses.
  • I was a hopeless romantic. I used to daydream about my own fairy tale-like love story and would even write about it in my journal. Any my prince charming would be the used to be long haired blue eyed angel. 😛
  • When I was 16, I applied for a summer job as a promotional girl because I wanted to have money since there was no allowance during vacation.

Well, there goes the three things that I could share. I guess it is up to you then to judge which one was the false statement. 😀





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