Blog Challenge – Day 25: Your Favorite Recipe & Comfort Food

It has been a very long week and I am so glad that it is now the weekend.

This week’s weather was alternating between gloomy and rainy. I think it was just this afternoon that the sun came out. Well, what would you expect? It’s July. It’s the rainy season in this side of the world. And during cold, rainy days, I would just want to crawl into bed with a bowl of hot soup and a good book. Oh wait, that would had been what I’d be doing if I was all alone. 🙂 But since I now have a little one of my own, on a cold, rainy day, I would just want to stay in bed with the little boy playing or watching a movie. 😀

I don’t really have a favorite recipe. But if you ask me my favorite food, then I think I already blogged something about it before. 😀 I am not much of a cook nowadays, to be honest. I can cook, sure. I know how to follow a recipe if I have a dish that I really want to cook but don’t know how. But all in all, I know how to cook. It’s just that I seldom do it. So for now, I guess I couldn’t really say if I have a favorite recipe. Uhm, does pinikpikan count even if I am not the one who cooks it? 😛

Talking about comfort food is a different thing. My comfort food varies on how I feel as well as the season. Like nowadays, it rains every now and then. First thing that comes to mind will be hot soup. And one of my favorite hot soup is chicken macaroni soup. And yes, I know how to cook chicken macaroni soup. I guess I would say that it is my ultimate comfort food during the rainy days. 🙂

Other food that I usually take comfort from would be cakes. And that is judging on what I had been craving for during stressful times. I wouldn’t really say that I am totally a cake addict. It’s just that there are times when I want a piece of cake (I mean, literally) but not the too sweet kind. Hmm…

Well, coffee doesn’t really count as food but I do find comfort in having coffee, most especially when sharing it with a friend. 🙂

I have been thinking about chicken macaroni soup for the past few days now. I guess I’m going to cook tomorrow. 🙂

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