Blog Challenge – Day 8: Currently Reading Anything?

OK, so here we are on day 8 of the challenge.

Eversince I became pregnant, the only thing that I started to read was pregnancy articles online. When I gave birth, I read a lot more of the medical articles online. And now that my little boy is 10 months old, the only thing I read now are blog posts. And that is when I get the chance to read one. LOL!

There was a time when I started to get hooked up with pocketbooks again. Those romantic novels that always have a “big miss” plot. That was about a few years ago. I just wanted something light to read after work that will put me to sleep. I kept on buying books (about 2-3 at a time) at the thrift shop, until it came to a point that I had a shelf full of books. I was reading about 5-8 books in a week.

Then when I became so busy with work, I never had the time anymore to go hunting for great finds at the thrift shop much less settle down to read one. That was when I started reading articles online since majority of the time, I am indeed online.

E-books, eh? I used to have a few Gb e-book collection downloaded. But even those, I never had the time to read. And besides, I never really got the hang of reading e-books. I still like the old fashioned book where you get to flip the pages and smell the scent of newsprint of a new book or the musty smell of an old book. ๐Ÿ˜€

I still have about a quarter of my entire collection. The rest I gave it to my cousin. The ones left with me, I am thinking ofย either giving them to my cousin again so I can have more space in my apartment or just leave it in my shelf for now. I am not even sure if I will have the time to read them again. I guess I have to decide some time soon since I am really in need of space in my very tiny apartment. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, to answer the question – No, I am not reading anything because I cannot find the time to read anymore. I only read articles online, and even some of those, I don’t get to finish. ๐Ÿ˜›

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