Blog Challenge – Day 9: What’s in Your Purse?

Tiring day. For me, that is. What about you guys?

Here we are, day 9 of the challenge. And I am still at it. LOL! 😀

First and foremost, I don’t have a purse. I lug with me a backpack to work. 😀 Yep, I am a backpack person eversince. Truth be told, I don’t even know how to carry a purse for that matter. LOL! So I will revise the question for this challenge – what’s in my backpack? (Dora, is that you? LOL!)

During workdays, I lug a backpack containing my work laptop, my umbrella, a small notebook, about a couple of pens, my house keys, my small vanity kit, a hairbrush (for those times that I remember to brush my hair)  and about a couple of eco-bags (for the days that I remember to drop by the grocery and ends up buying something). It may also contain receipts from fastfoods, grocery receipts, and other small paper that somehow ends its way in one of the few pockets of my bag. It used to house my wallet too but since my wallet is lost, I still haven’t found a replacement. So in the mean time, I use a small pouch to house all my reward cards, government IDs, and other receipts from purchases, too. 😛

During weekends, since I usually spend my weekends going out with my son (regardless if I am in the mountain city or here in the big metro), I only carry the small pouch and then all other baby stuff in the baby bag. As for the baby bag, it contains Z’s milk bottles (two bottles on the average), his formula dispenser, about a couple of cloth diapers (used mostly to wipe his mouth and face after feeding), changing mat, extra diapers, a couple of toys, extra shirt, a baby blanket, baby powder, alcohol, baby lotion, jacket, disposable bags for his used diaper, and about a couple eco-bags as well (in case I decided to buy a few supplies).

I don’t put my phones in my bags, too. I usually have my phones in my jeans pocket. Or if I am traveling to the mountain city and decides to sleep during the trip, I stash the phones in my pouch and zip my jacket over it. Just to be on the safe side. 😀

Well, if you noticed, my backpack doesn’t contain much feminine stuff (whatever feminine stuff means, anyway). That’s what my backpack usually contains on normal days.

What about you? What do you carry in your purse? Or what do you carry in your bag for that matter? 😀

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