Blog Challenge – Day 10: Old Photo(s) of Yourself

I came home from work quite earlier than usual. I only spent about an hour in overtime before deciding to come home instead. A few minutes after I came in, my son woke up and didn’t want to sleep. He played up until half an hour ago. Good thing he was able to go back to sleep. *Whew*

I kinda like this challenge. It’s just that, I no longer have my hard drive (huhuhu) where I used to have a folder of a few scanned copy of old family photos.

Here’s my ultimate favorite old photo:


Yeah, I know. This has been posted several times already. However, I just like this photo. Even when I was younger. During my pre-teens, looking at this photo reminded me of that old Kodak advertisement about precious moments. If I remember it correctly, there was a Dad playing with a baby and then they both fell asleep. The baby was lying on the Dad’s chest then the Mom came in, saw the two asleep and took a photo. That was the precious moment right there. If only I can find that video. Oh well.

Anyway, this photo kind of made me feel like I was a Daddy’s girl. LOL! Ok, I’ll stop there or else I would end up crying again.

Here’s another photo that I like:


This photo was taken at Burnham Park if I am not mistaken. This was when it was just me and my brother (before my sister and youngest brother joined the gang). It was one of those picnic moments as far as I could tell given the basket beside me. LOL! Oh yeah and I am that kid on the left, the one wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. The one next to me is my brother. 😀 Now that I’ve been looking at this photo, it seems that my little Z really does look like me. 😀 So happy to know that. Haha!

Since I cannot find an old family photo (the one where we were complete – all 6 of us), let me just post a collage of photos that I created last year for the tribute post I did for father’s day:


I don’t have a scanned photo of me old self being the girly little girl that I used to be. LOL! No one ever believes me when I say that I used to be one of the girly girls – has to always wear dresses on Sundays and other family events, with different colors of headbands with matching ribbon clips, shiny black school shoes with ribbons on them, and those kinds of stuff. That only lasted until 6th grade though. Hahaha!

Anyway, those are the photos that I could find at this time. What about you? Any old photos you’d like to share? 😀

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