Blog Challenge – Day 11: Favorite 10 Songs Right Now

Let’s go straight to the point for this blog. 😛

Geez! I don’t even know what the latest new releases as of date. I haven’t been aware of the happenings within the music scene for about a couple of years now. Given that there were a lot of useless and non-sense music being released as well as crappy revisions of great old songs, I found no reason to update myself. 😀

Now, with all the happenings around me (aka work, work and more work), I haven’t even been listening to music lately. Yikes! My life is turning way too dull for my taste. And I am now starting to realize it.

OK, OK, going back to the challenge. Let me give you the 10 (I hope I can come up with 10) songs that usually plays in my head from out of nowhere. (Well, you know, my brain has its own mind LOL!). Do I need to explain why? It didn’t say, did it? Well, I’ll skip the explanation and just list it down then:

  1. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain (I know, cheezy, right? But then it’s the rainy season once again… “Rain falls angry on the tin roof, as we lie awake in my bed…” nyahahaha…. there’s just something about this song and July that I can’t figure out just yet)
  2. Bed of Lies – Matchbox 20 (“No I would not sleep in this bed of lies / So toss me out and turn in / And there’ll be no rest for these tired eyes / I’m marking it down to learning / I am…“)
  3. Rest Stop – Matchbox 20 (“…She said – while you were sleeping / I was listening to the radio / And wondering what you’re dreaming when / It came to mind that I didn’t care…“)
  4. Somewhere in Between – Lifehouse (“‘Cause I’m waiting for tonight / Then waiting for tomorrow / And I’m somewhere in between / What is real and just a dream…“)
  5. With or Without You – U2 (there’s just something about this song that gets to me… :P)
  6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole  (this is my song to my little Z <3 )
  7. Leader of the Band – Dan Fogelberg (because this song reminds me so much of my Dad… and he used to sing this song, too)
  8. Take A Picture – Filter (“Could you take my picture, ’cause I won’t remember…“)
  9. Colorful – Verve Pipe (“you stayed for drama though you paid for a comedy…”)
  10. Collide – Dishwalla (“When we collide we lose ourselves / When we collide we break in two, / And as we push and we shove and we hurt the ones we love, / It’s a hard mistake. / When we collide, / We break….“)

So there.  Those are the most commonly played songs in my head so they are the ones that I am able to come up with. Now that my brain got started, it’s got a few more songs that are most commonly played at different times of day but since 10 was the only ones asked, I’ll stop there. 😀

Quite a bit on the “emo” side, eh? LOL! Well, like I said, it is that time of the year so you’d have to pardon the once-in-a-while emotional rollercoaster tone of this blog. Haha!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Those are either 90’s songs and one is even from the 70’s (I think) and another is from the 80’s. Hey, you can’t blame me. 90s grunge is part of my generation. And I think that most of the songs that came out in the 90’s and earlier are the better songs compared to the generation after that. Only a few are considered good, for that matter.

So there. I guess I can go sleep now. My little Z has gone back to sleep and has stretched out across the bed. I would have to fix him first so I can have space to sleep.

Let me know what your 10 songs are. Either LSS or all-time favorites. Maybe we have something in common? 😀

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