Blog Challenge – Day 23: What’s Your Schedule Like?

Crazy. That’s the word that can best describe my current schedule.

I have two kinds of schedule: 1) when my son is with me and 2) when my son is not with me.

When my son is with me, I wake up very early to give him his milk. That’s about 6-7 in the morning. Then I take a short nap while he plays beside me. Then I get up and prepare his meal, feed him then bathe him. Then we play again. Then he takes his morning nap. I take a nap as well before I start preparing for work. I stay at work on the average of 12 hours (which I try to lessen when my little Z is here so I can have some time to spend with him). Then I come home to my sleeping little boy and wait until his next feeding before I sleep.

When my son is not with me in the big metro, I catch up on sleep. Once I wake up, I start preparing for work, stay at work for about the same amount of time, come home, do some chores then sleep. Then I go home to the mountain city to spend the weekend with my son.

There are twists in that schedule, too. For example, earlier this month, instead of an afternoon shift, I had to go on day shift because of work requirement. So I get up at around 7am (or 8am the latest), feed and bathe the little boy then prepare for work. I had been coming home for about 10 or 11 in the evening and stay up until about 2am, after little Z’s feeding.

There are quite a few deviations of my schedule but trust me when I say that my schedule is very crazy and very chaotic. I am still trying to better manage everything. Well, what can I say, that’s part of my new role as a single working mom. I am still in the adjustment stage, so to speak. Though I am hoping to get things a little more balanced.

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