Photo – Blog Challenge Day 17

Blog Challenge: Why and When did you start blogging?

Geez, I think I have been blogging for more than ten years now. I have had several blogs over the years. I cannot remember the very first one that I had though. Then there was one blog site that I had before (the site shut down early this year after trying to fully convert the site to an online shopping site). For the longest time, I maintained a blog with If the site is still alive today, I would probably still use that. The very first one I created as with, I think. Although I cannot remember my account there anymore. And given that blogspot has gone through a lot of changes and a lot of transition over the years, I think my blog there got lost in all of the changes.

As early as my grade school days, I have been maintaining a journal. I don’t write everyday when I first started because I really didn’t know what I would write about. Then came high school. I became a little bit more consistent in writing an entry in my journal. I write about what went on that day, how I felt about something, my dream the night before, and all other things that I could think of. Then when the social media was introduced through social networking sites and all that, I created an account where I blog about my day, my opinions about things around me, my compositions and all other things that I could think about when I have the time.

I actually don’t know why I started writing journals then moved on to blogging. Probably, when I started, it was more of an outlet of excess emotions, so to speak, until it just became a habit. Now, I maintain this blog to somehow provide the cyberworld a small window to view what my life is about and the kind of journey that my son and I have. It may not be something relevant to the overall scheme of things but maybe, at some point, I am able to put my stamp somewhere out there through my blog.

Photo Challenge: Mummy & Me

As previously mentioned, taking pictures is already part of our play time. And as much as possible, I would want to have a photo of every moment that we spend together. I think all Moms would think this way even if we all know that it is not possible. Unless, we have a Truman show kind of life.

Here is a couple of photos of me and my son, taken a few days ago:

"Mommy loves hugging me." :)
“Mommy loves hugging me.” 🙂

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