Photo – Blog Challenge Day 18

Blog Challenge: Where are you happiest?

If you asked me this question about a year ago, I would probably say “anywhere but here”, where here is defined as the place where I am currently living for a period of time. I am a restless person and would rather be going places rather than staying in just one place. Once I get restless, I have to getaway. I have to go somewhere. If I have been cooped in at home for a few days, going to the mall is enough to make me happy. Anything that will change my current environment. The farther the place I go, the better. The more convenient the travel, all the better. Going away to anywhere, with or without company, somewhat releases all the tension that I feel at a time.

Now, if you ask me this question, I think I would answer it this way, “anywhere as long as I have my son with me”.

The place is relative and quite irrelevant at this point. I stay at home for days as long as my son is with me, I am happy. We go somewhere, just the two of us, spending quality time together, I am happy. Watching my son grow up makes me happy. And regardless of the place and time and situation, I am the happiest when my little warrior is beside me.

‘nuf said. 😛

Photo Challenge: Eyes

It is not so easy for me to take a photo of my son’s eyes because he moves around a lot and cannot keep still for a moment for a good snap and if he is still, that only means he’s asleep. 😛

long lashes and curious stares :)
long lashes and curious stares 🙂

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