Blog Challenge – Day 15: How Are You Like Your Ma/Pa?

Winter Storm is coming. LOL! If you are a GoT fan, you would probably get that. 😛

Yep, there’s a storm coming in and already made it’s landfall somewhere in the eastern part and is expected to pass by the big metro in the next few hours. Need to charge phones and gadgets in case there will be a black out (though I doubt it), and I have to monitor the weather updates as well. It’s going to be a lazy day tomorrow, I guess.

Anyway, here we are on the 15th day of the challenge. I guess it is becoming more evident how I am like my Mom and my Dad when I became a parent myself. But even before becoming one, I know that I got my Dad’s impatience. LOL! Well, my Dad was patient on some and impatient on other things. I think I got the impatient on other things. 😛 One other thing that I got from my Dad was being analytical and a troubleshooter. My Dad loved to tinker. He used to fix our beat up television set and the radio. And every time he did that, I was there to watch (well, most of the time). That’s how I learned how to use the basic tools – screw drivers (both flat head and “philips” hehe), pliers, even wrenches and the likes. I used to play with my Dad’s tools, too. LOL! Now, I own a few that he left behind. 🙂

As for my Mom, I see a few traits that I got mostly when I became a Mom myself. My Mom is not scared to voice out opinions when she needed to speak up. There are times that I think I got that trait. When she gets mad, she speaks English. LOL! And I got that, too. When I am really seething and so not in a good mood and somebody crossed me, they better prepare their noses because it might bleed. Haha!

But there is one thing that I can say that I got from both of them. That is being protective of family. No matter how pissed off I used to be with my siblings, if one of them is in trouble, I would always be there to help them. Because at the end of the day, you cannot really turn away from family. No matter what.


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