When There’s Silence…

You hear your thoughts loud and clear… It’s 1:45AM this side of the world and I’m on my second cup mug of freshly brewed coffee. I know I should be taking it easy so I can sleep in a few hours but then I needed something to do besides doing the laundry. I’ll do that tomorrow, I guess. My mind has been cluttered with a lot of things lately it is really hard to concentrate. Music can no longer drown out the thoughts that slowly trickles through my consciousness. So, I might as well give it time and go through […]

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A Perfect Date with Dad

I never got to bring my Dad on a real father-daughter date. I guess I was too late in planning it.┬áThere will never be a time when I could tell him, “let’s go on a date, Dad.”. My only consolation, I guess, is that I was able to┬áthank him for everything he’s done. I was able to tell him I love him before he passed away.

I guess what I could do once I get my own car is to continue with the planned date on my own and dedicate the trip to my Dad instead.

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