The Birthday Weekend

Before I got pregnant, I used to celebrate my birthday partying with friends. We would be drinking until the wee hours in the morning and nurse a hangover the next day. Chill during day time, then back to partying the next night. Nowadays, I celebrate birthdays in a totally different way. I guess I am really getting older now. 

So I turned another year older. I don’t feel any different. I am still the stressed out momma in need of a very long vacation. Haha! 

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Prepping for a House Party…

Three Sundays ago, I hosted my very first house party. The guests were my friends so I didn’t need to exert a lot of effort to please them. 🙂 Well, Z’s nanny and I cleaned the house, and hid the clutter to have more space. That was good enough. 😛 When I was a kid, house parties back home was when food (pancit or spaghetti, barbeque and all that) was prepared at home and the cake was store-bought. This time around, my house party consisted of food bought from the store and the cake homemade. 😛 I was able to find a simple […]

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A Year and A Decade… Times Three…

I turned another year older. And it was raining on my birthday. 😛 It’s already the rainy season so that’s expected. I was even born on a rainy morning years ago said my Mom. LOL! Well, I consider rain as showers of blessings so it’s fine. Last Thursday, I woke up late and not feeling well. I have been having fits of cough for the whole week. I guess it has something to do with the weather. And the air conditioning at work. Good thing I already filed for leave for the next two days, as well.  It was a good […]

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