Food Tasting at McCormick Flavor Nation

mccormick flavor nation

The brand McCormick became known to me because of their tea bags. Anyone remembers the green box and the individual plastic container for each tea bag with the word “McCormick” printed? Yeah, that’s the one. Then, I learned about their curry powder. And as the years go by, I started to learn more about herbs and spices as I find my way into the kitchen to explore the art of cooking. I also use McCormick food coloring and vanilla extract in my baking. So there, I can safely say that I am indeed a fan of McCormick.

There were 4 chefs that shared their creations. Given that I had two stubs, I was able to get two of everything! I only got to taste 3 out of the 4 though. I didn’t get the kare-kare since it had bagoong and I am allergic.

Here are the 4 dishes served during the event:

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