Merries Diapers, Japan’s #1 Brand, Is Now In The Philippines

merries diaper

Ever heard of Merries diaper? This is Japan’s number 1 diaper brand for 10 consecutive years*. And this is now in the Philippines.

There are a lot of diaper brands in the market nowadays. And while we have a lot of options, sometimes, it makes it harder to find the one that will suit our baby’s needs. Using the wrong diaper for our baby may lead to leakages, discomfort, and other health concerns.

For this brand, since I had a small sized diaper and doesn’t fit my little boy, I opted to do the water test. I have wanted to do this for a long time now since it looks fun to do. Here’s my findings:

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Product Review: MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants

For about a year now, I have been buying the little boy’s diapers from Lazada because, I find it cheaper to buy from them than from the supermarkets. So with every promo period, I buy about 2-3 boxes of diapers which is good for about 2-3 months which gives me big savings in the end. I have used a different brand of diaper for the little boy since he was born. I tried a few brands as well and to my dismay, I wasn’t satisfied with them. One of the brands I tried was a MamyPoko variant but I found […]

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