I’m Hungry But…

It’s almost half past 2 in the morning in this side of the world. I just got home from work after a 2-hour over time. Man, I still have a lot of emails that I need to clear up from my inbox.

Since my dinner was several hours ago, I am hungry. So, I am now debating whether to eat or clean up and sleep instead. I still have to wake up early in the morning because it’s the little boy’s therapy day today.

If I eat, that would mean that I won’t be able to sleep immediately. Besides, I’m trying to cut down on my food intake after dinner. I’ve been gaining weight lately and I can feel it. I feel heavy.

People would say that I’m not fat. Well, I don’t look fat. But gaining weight more than my weight range, I could really feel the difference. I’ve been within my weight range for several years now. It’s just this time again that I am gaining more weight than I should.

I could probably chalk it up to stress this time around. I’ve not really been a stress eater. It was quite the opposite. I couldn’t eat when I was stressed. I guess that was how I lost weight before.

Maybe I am not really hungry. Probably I am just looking for some comfort. Haha! Hence, comfort food! Okay, not a funny joke.

It’s just Wednesday and I am so drained. I want a really long vacation but then work. There’s always work needed to be done. Sometimes I wish I had more than enough money in the bank to cover our needs for the next few years without me working.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Oh, how I wish!

Anyway, on the ride home, I heard Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. And now it’s playing on repeat in my phone. Haha! I miss listening to this song. Hello, LSS, eh?

Okay, enough of this blabber. I’m hitting the sack.

I have a couple of posts to be published within the week. Watch out for it, yeah?




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