Go On With Goo.N Diapers: The Media Launch

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I recently attended the media launch of Goo.N Diapers held at the Manila House in Bonifacio Global City. I was thinking of bringing the little boy with me but since I had to go straight to work after, I decided to go alone. Which was a good decision.

You see, it was my first time to be invited in an intimate media launch and I felt I was under dressed for the event. I almost left as soon as I got in because Manila House has that feel of sophistication and elegance. I went there wearing jeans, sneakers and a loose blouse with a tattered backpack to complete the outfit. LOL! So it was really good to see some familiar faces at the venue which put my plummeting self-confidence at ease. Well, now I know what to expect if and when I get another invite.

goo.n diapers nhengswonderland
Sharing a table with Neri of Nheng’s Wonderland
goo.n diapers reigningstill
With fellow MoM, Celerhina of Reigning Still

Go On With Goo.N Diapers

GOO.N Diapers is a leading diaper brand in Japan and Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia, and is now in the Philippines through One-Stop Distribution Inc (ODI), a distribution company known for bringing premier brands in the country.

ODI has recently entered into a distribution agreement with Elleair International Thailand, to distribute Goo.N and Goo.N Friend baby diapers. Goo.N and Goo.N Friend baby diapers are leading brands in Japan and several countries in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. The baby diapers come in premium and economy variants and boast of superior quality, comparable to the leading brands worldwide.

from ODI talking about bringing Goo.N diapers in the Philippines

Goo.N diapers ambassadors discussed about their parenting experiences and how Goo.N diapers have helped make their lives easier.

Sisters Jessica Kienle-Maxwell and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, GOO.N Diapers’ newest brand ambassadors, are ideal examples of moms on-the-go. As these well-known designer duo lead hectic schedules, making time for both their families and their careers can be quite a challenge.

“Motherhood is such a life-changing experience. Your priorities and your values change, and ultimately, you just want the best for your baby. When I first had my child, juggling my work and parenting together was tough. But as I learned along the way, choosing high-quality diapers was so important for my baby’s welfare and makes my job a lot easier,” shares Steph “And now that Jess has just given birth, I can’t wait to share more of my parenting tips and experience motherhood together with her!”

goo.n diapers ambassadors
Goo.N diapers ambassadors talking about everyday parenting experiences
goo.n diapers amommabroad
Finally met Amber of A Momma Abroad. She’s one of the ambassadors of Goo.N Diapers

Sneak Peak on Goo.N Diapers

During the launch, we were shown how absorbent the Goo.N diapers are. The 500ml water has been quickly absorbed and even with so much accumulated liquid, the surface was still dry.

goo.n diapers water test
Starting the water test
goo.n diapers full
Full diaper but surface was still dry
goo.n diapers change color
The line in the middle changes color when the diaper is full. This indicator makes it easier for moms and dads to determine if it is time to change nappies

Goo.N has two variants: Goo.N Premium and the economy which is Goo.N Friend. Goo.N Friend comes with a Doraemon design, too. Both variants come in tape and pants type. It also comes in different sizes from newborn up to XXXL. Yep, you read that right! 3XL diaper sizes are hard to find especially for special needs kids who takes a lot longer to potty train. While I am hoping for the little boy to be potty trained soon, knowing that there is a diaper out there with a bigger size is a relief.

Goo.N Diapers are available in leading supermarkets: SM Hypermarket, Rustans, Robinsons, Lazada, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer, Unimart, Puregold (Duty Free), Landers, Baby Company, Fishermall, Cash and Carry, and others. These are also reasonably priced with the following SRP: GOO.N Premium Tape/Pant Super Jumbo – Php 680.00 and Jumbo – Php 420.00 and GOO.N Friend Tape Super Jumbo – Php 439.00, Jumbo – Php 229.00, Regular – Php 79.00.

For more information, visit @GoonDiaperPH on Facebook and @goonphilippines on Instagram.

Watch out for my review of this diaper as well. I will be posting it soon!

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