Make Brushing More Fun With Colgate Minions!

colgate minions

Brushing kids’ teeth can be such a core at times, especially when they are in their toddler to preschool years. Don’t you agree? Z loves “brushing” but he doesn’t really brush his teeth. He’s more than likely to just chew on his toothbrush and eat all the toothpaste. LOL! I have been replacing his toothbrush on a monthly basis because he makes it his chew toy.

It’s been quite difficult letting Z getting accustomed to brushing as I think his gums are overly sensitive. Kids with Down syndrome are usually known to have some sensory issues and it makes it difficult to get them to finish the task of brushing his teeth.

So, how do I make brushing more fun for him?

First, we set a routine. We make sure that he brushes after meals. He also knows that he needs to brush his teeth before we go out. His bedtime routine consists of evening baths, drinking milk, then brushing his teeth before going to bed. For him to get into the routine, I would get my toothbrush as well as his toothbrush and we would brush together. This way, he would emulate what I do.

colgate minions toothpaste and toothbrush
Brushing teeth made more fun with fun characters

Second, we sing songs while brushing his teeth. When he was younger, we would watch this video while he brushed his teeth. He would laugh and get tickled while we brush “up and down, left and right and round and round” but would not want to have his two front teeth brushed. It took quite a while before he eventually let me brush his front teeth.

Brushing up and down
Brushing the molars and chewing on the bristles 😀
Say “aaaah” 😀

We also taught him where we keep his toothbrush so now, whenever he feels like it, even if he has already brushed his teeth, he would go get his toothbrush, sit in front of the television and brush his teeth. He usually does this whenever he sees one of the nursery rhymes songs about brushing teeth comes on.

Third, I make sure to buy him toothbrushes with soft bristles so it wouldn’t hurt his gums. At the same time, I buy kid-friendly toothpaste since he still doesn’t know how to spit. I wouldn’t worry about damaging effects if he swallowed the toothpaste. And so, I am happy to have used Colgate Minions toothbrush and toothpaste for the little boy.

What I love about the Colgate Minions toothbrush is the soft bristles. I have noticed that Z lets me brush his front teeth more when we switched to this toothbrush than when we were using something else. The soft bristles is more friendly for his gums. He lets me brush his teeth a lot longer now too and he chews on his toothbrush less.

The toothpaste tastes good too. (Yes, I tried it!) It has this fruity and bubblegum-y taste that kids surely love.

colgate minions

colgate minions

This is definitely a control-freak momma approved must-haves. Want to give this one a try? There are two variants of Colgate Minions toothbrush and you can get them from these links:

Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack

Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack

colgate minions say goodnight
Big smile with his pearly whites before bedtime

Make brushing more fun with Colgate Minions oral care packs. Your kids will definitely enjoy brushing their teeth with this one!

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  1. Bea *the maat baby* likes to brush with Mommy holding the hand mirror. Hahaha *what have I done*

    Bea: Parehas tayong tubrash Kuya Z!

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