12 Days For The Year That Was – July 2015

It’s already the 20th here on this side of the world. 5 days before Christmas. Who’s excited? 😀 To be honest, I cannot say that I feel the Christmas spirit just yet. I still have loads of pending work to complete and a lot of work that needs to get done in my apartment before I can go on vacation. This place really needs a lot of work and since it is so hard to coordinate schedules with the caretaker, I have been making a lot of temporary solutions to resolve the issues this place has. Oh well.

So, I have done most of my Christmas shopping earlier. I am down to 6 persons on my list and I am hoping that I will be able to complete that later today. I wrapped them all up earlier, too. 😀 I dunno, for some reason, I just have a thing with gift wrapping. That feeling of wrapping something up in the hopes that the receiver will like what they will see underneath the packaging, it’s just kind of thrilling. I think I mentioned this before, I am more of a giver than a receiver. Hence, I guess it follows that I like wrapping gifts more than opening them. Haha! But, just to let you know, I am no expert in gift wrapping techniques or whatchamacallit.

all wrapped and ready to be given :)
all wrapped and ready to be given 🙂

Moving on. Looking back on what happened last July, I would say that it was a mixture of high and low emotions. This month was also the second time that I brought Z to the big metro (the first one was January). He had scheduled 3 doctor’s consultations. One was his regular check up with the pedia-ophtha, the second one was a consultation with the pedia-cardiologist and the third was an appointment with a development pedia.

He needed to consult with a pedia-cardio because prior to his lens extraction surgery, it was found that he has a small hole in his heart. Though it was not that critical since the hole will voluntarily close as he grows older, it still needed to be monitored. As of the doctor’s findings, he still has the hole but does not need any medication to speed up the closure or something. Another consultation was set after a year.

Also, we were able to get an appointment with a dev-pedia, finally. Here in the Philippines, it takes so long to schedule an appointment with a dev-pedia. I think it is because the number is a lot smaller compared to other specialized doctors. The consultation was a bit heart-breaking but enlightening as well. After the consult, I scheduled an appointment with a therapist who provided and suggested some home exercises to strengthen Z’s muscles.

July is my birthday month, too. And even if I didn’t have any special celebration done this year (I was at work, don’t ask me why), I was still happy because I got to spend more than a week with Z, just the two of us. Unfortunately, I had to send his nanny home immediately before the end of the second week of a supposedly 3-week stay here in the big metro due to some medical condition. So I was forced to take a 7-day leave to take care of Z as he still had doctor’s appointments scheduled on the third week. However, given the workaholic that I am, whenever I get a chance (which is mostly once Z sleeps at night), I power up my laptop and get a few things done just to ensure that I don’t get backed up too much once I get back to work.

The time that I had with Z (about a week and half) was priceless. I didn’t care how tired I was or if I lacked sleep and all that, I really enjoyed waking up beside him, playing with him, bathing him and just simply watching him sleep. I just felt content that time. I felt like I was really a Mom.

So, my take away for the month of July was learning how to enjoy precious moments. No matter how simple, no matter how nonsensical to others, we have to stop and smell the roses once in a while. For me, the decision to file for leave to take care of my son on my own instead of re-scheduling his doctor’s appointments some other time was the best decision I’ve had. Even if Z and I just stayed at home on days that he didn’t have scheduled appointments, just those moments that we spent together is something that can never be replaced. I saw him smile a lot, I saw how he was growing, I got to learn a lot of his likes and dislikes. It felt like the world faded away and there was just the two of us. I could say that those days were the best gift I could have asked for on my birthday. 🙂

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